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up until a few weeks ago it was the Witcher 1 and 2, but I finally managed to sit down and finish them. I think both demons souls and dark souls are now those two games that I know I will never finish. I really wanted to get Dark souls 2, I managed to keep myself from buying it. Weirder still is that when I do play those games, I enjoy the hell out of them. Either I grow tired of them overtime, or something distracts me, maybe I just get frustrated at certain parts and put it aside for a while and end up forgetting about the game completely !?

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Have had a PS4 since launch also have a PS3, kinda getting sick of seeing all these co-op games but having no one to play them with.


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I don't remember taking LSD today, but it's fucking awesome!

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I still don't know how to feel about this, I don't trust facebook. But as a company they need to make money, and they can only make money if this thing sells. I'm sure at some point they'll do some really questionable things. But I think in the end they may only help bring VR technology to a wider marker. Which will help bring VR to the next level and maybe bring us one step closer to a true holo deck experience ( which in truth wasn't about games, it was just a fancy interactive hangout for friends )

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Pre-loaded it on PS3 yesterday canceled retail copy today.

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At some point there's a note from Sam that says something like "Sorry about the stuff I took." Also if you go back and watch the trailer for the game, the SNES in Sam's room is still there.

I spend a good time walking around looking for the SNES because I had seen it in the trailer.

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While I agree the price is on the high side, I do think it was worth it. Also with this being the first game they've made I'm willing to support them by paying a little extra, and hope that their next game is longer.

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Beers could have given his opinion without mentioning people by name and then insulting them, and Fish needs to stop responding to these things or at the very least respond in a calm manner. As far as I saw Blow handled it with a lot more dignity.

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I spent near 200, but I hope to make some of it back selling these summer sale foil cards when the prices start to go up again.