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Your in Africa, you shoot Africans big deal. I didnt see what the trouble was to begin with. Its sad to see someone bend over just because of some dickheads blogs. Where is the ling going to stop? What will be the next thign someone deems wrong that will get changed in a game.

That said if we were in Switzerland and you shot nothing but black people then the red flag of bullshit goes flying.

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A sad day in gaming history that will be remembered and revered for years to come.

Someone let me know when jeff challenges this mofo and does people who arn't jack ass rappers justice.

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Installation and Repair Technician for Time Warner Cable

Basically when your cable, or internet is on the fritz iam the one that shows up. Decent gig for now but iam always out for better oppertunities. But iam not goign to be trapped here for eternity, whe ni turn 21 i want ot be a cop. just got to figure out what ive got to do to get that done.

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If this meeting doesn't end with a  game that uses a parachute pants accessory, all hope is lost.

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Cant wait, just as i was getting tired of the "new maps" Blam real new ones.

Honestly Blood Drive has become the new gridlock, hopefully the new maps change that.

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A: No, and i doubt i will because wondering around doing nothing drives me up a wall. Fast Travel FTW!

Q: If you could magically change into one object what would it be?

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BestUsernameEver said:
"Wow, nice. Still dont like jack black though."
floodiastus said:
"Jack Black, I cant stand him either. My god, he got the lowest form of humor. Stereotyping potheads, now thats just upsets me!!!!!!"

Two Words will turn that around my friends:

Ok, maybe one word and a letter.
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A: None of them, cause at the end of the day I still need some sort of excape from the misery called life and if iam jobless and have to whore out my family for money ima going to have money for games and to renew my XBLA subscription.

Q: What is the worse Tom Cruise movie?

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I only use it in combonation with the slo-mo.

It becomes very usefull when your up against the thing thats made up of dozen of little aliens. You know the tall lanky one that when you shoot it explodes into a bunch of writhing worm things.

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A: Wouldnt know skipped the whole school thing and went straight to the dead end job and heavy drinking.

Q: If Heaven is such a great place why does it have a locked gate and a guard?