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Ryan hooked me on the site all the way back in 2009 with that Harry Potter quick look with Vinny. The site won't ever be the same, RIP.

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I dunno, the Polish Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts engaged in guerrilla warfare against the Nazis, that's pretty badass right?

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While the spears as arrows thing is pretty lame, nobody at Bethesda ever let on that the DLC would feature spears as distinct weapon type. All the speculation came about from people digging into the pre-dlc patch files and seeing references to animations for spears. Cue people becoming excited that spears would finally be back in the series after a ten year hiatus. As we know now these animations are used by the Riekling enemies, something that not many people realized back in November when all the rumors and hearsay began to spread about.

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@Shotgunblast97: Generally Civ mods are dependent on how much ram your computer has available. A mod like Cavemen 2 Cosmos requires a good amount of ram (i.e. at least 3gb) because of the sheer amount of data it adds to the game. If you have less than the optimum amount the growing size of your save files will eventually result in a "memory allocation failure", which, in simpler terms, is a crash to desktop situation. You can circumvent this in a couple of ways. If you're running the game on Windows 7 or 64-bit Vista and have more than 2gb of ram available then the game will recognize how much ram you have and will allocate it accordingly. If you aren't running those OS's, and still really want to use those bigger mods, then I'd suggest that you only play on smaller sized maps and with a smaller number of rival civs. Good luck with all that and try not to loose too much sleep conquering the world.

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There are so many mods available for Civ 4 that you could probably spend more time looking for them then actually playing the game. The most well-regarded Civ 4 mod is without a doubt Fall from Heaven 2. It's a fantasy themed total conversion mod that's worth a look at even if you aren't into fantasy settings just by virtue of how well made it is. If you have a taste for sci-fi I would recommend Mars Now, a total conversion mod that has you settle and terraform Mars. For mods that merely expand the base game, you should consider Legends of Revolutions, Rise of Mankind, or Caveman 2 Cosmos, though those last two mods might be too much for a lower-end PC to handle. One final caveat: all of these mods, and most other mods you'll come across, require the "Beyond the Sword" expansion pack in order to run. Man, I hope I'm not becoming an enabler.

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@Hector said:

Mickey's Speedway USA was pretty fun so was Monster Inc. Scream Team for PS1.

This is wisdom, my friends.

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If y'all want to know just what 'CHIM' is, then the "Metaphysics of Morrowind" articles are a great explanation of why Elder Scrolls lore is more than just rote Tolkien-esque drivel. Seriously, even if you can't tell an Aldmer from an Altmer ( or care why they're different) you should spend a little time reading them.

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I've been picking away at Tolstoy's The Kingdom of God is Within You. It's certainly a unique perspective on Christianity, not one that's often seen in the fire-and-brimstone sentiments of today's culture war.

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There are a variety of faiths ( Yazidism, Baha'i, etc.) that believe in a figure akin to Satan, but do not describe him as one who will "torture the wrongdoers in Hell for all eternity," portraying him instead as a a metaphor for man's immorality, or even as God's most favored angel. Even among the mainstream Abrahamic religions the theological role of Satan is up for debate ( compare the role of Satan in Judaism with the Shaitan of Islam, or the Christian tendency to conflate Lucifer with the Devil).

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According to an interview Todd Howard gave on G4 the Dawnguard apparently can use armored trolls as followers. Don't ask me how you domesticate a three eyed gorilla and stick it into a suit of armor, but that should give some incentive to becoming a vampire hunter.