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I've been picking away at Tolstoy's The Kingdom of God is Within You. It's certainly a unique perspective on Christianity, not one that's often seen in the fire-and-brimstone sentiments of today's culture war.

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There are a variety of faiths ( Yazidism, Baha'i, etc.) that believe in a figure akin to Satan, but do not describe him as one who will "torture the wrongdoers in Hell for all eternity," portraying him instead as a a metaphor for man's immorality, or even as God's most favored angel. Even among the mainstream Abrahamic religions the theological role of Satan is up for debate ( compare the role of Satan in Judaism with the Shaitan of Islam, or the Christian tendency to conflate Lucifer with the Devil).

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According to an interview Todd Howard gave on G4 the Dawnguard apparently can use armored trolls as followers. Don't ask me how you domesticate a three eyed gorilla and stick it into a suit of armor, but that should give some incentive to becoming a vampire hunter.

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I like it. The premise of fighting vampires might seem a little too simplistic for a full expansion, but Bethesda has almost creatively interpreted stock fantasy tropes for their games (i.e. dunmer are nothing like drow, dwemer are atheist steampunk Mesopotamians instead of subterranean Scotsmen). I'm hopeful that they'll put a new twist on vampirism, much like the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowind expanded upon werewolves.

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Cute as it may be, feeding squirrels peanuts is actually kind of a bad thing to do. Peanuts aren't a natural food for squirrels, which means that if they become accustomed to eating them they might end up malnourished.

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I'm reading Final Events by Nick Redfern. I've been on a conspiracy kick lately so it's been right up my alley. Redfern posits the existence of a secret government think-tank called the Collins Elite, which believes that those gray-skinned bug eyed aliens that are so fascinated by rednecks' posteriors are actually the demonic pawns of Satan. Furthermore, some of the members of the Collins Elite, Redfern alleges, have made literal deals with the devil in order to gain fantastic technology and psychic powers. The entire premise is obvious hogwash but it makes for entertaining reading.

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Nah, Michigan would probably be even worse off on its own.

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Bethesda better include Im-Leet and Rolf the Uber as recruitable NPCs

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I wouldn't call it my favorite soundtrack, but the music for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was very unique and probably one of the best things about that game. The composer used all sorts of funky old medieval instruments like the crumhorn , which lent a very antique tone to the music. It's worth a listen.

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If you like strategy games it wouldn't hurt to try out Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. It doesn't have some of the same charm as the 2D Fire Emblem games imo, but it was a good attempt at a 2D to 3D transition. Plus, you can transfer your clear data to the Wii sequel, Radiant Dawn, if you feel like continuing in the series.