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Fish doesn't owe these moronic people anything. I know sometimes he brings the abuse upon himself, but even so the amount of abuse coming his way was really undeserved and spiteful.

People on the Internet need to chill out - the fact someone can get so worked up over a video game is sort of terrifying.

Also - touching words @patrickklepek. I can't believe anyone would have the audacity to disrespect someone by taking potshots at a family member who recently passed. That's just inexcusable foul behaviour. I'm sorry anyone ever did that.

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Need me some Boy BAWANG.

Gonna miss him. Tuesdays won't ever be the same.

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The Giant Bomb Community has some incredible artists. These are brilliant!

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I would love to be able to dedicate some time to EVE but its mechanics seem so deep. Plus with a 9/5 job I just put that sort of time into a game anymore. Regardless, some of the stories that come out of EVE are some of the most fascinating in the entire industry which means I am quite happy to sit on the sidelines and read up on what happened!

@patrickklepek Does GB plan on doing more sort of travelogues? It's honestly great to see all these different stories from around the world.

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Ubisoft probably just bought out THQ Montreal to ruin Patrice's day all over again.

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There are some angry young men on Giant Bomb. Y'all need to lighten the fuck up. It's an opinion piece on the controversy this statue has caused. Not an attack against you. I would have liked for @patrickklepek to give more of his opinion on this issue.

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Exciting times at Valve. Great to see Gabe open up more about their future plans too, that's a rarity - maybe they're gearing up for a reveal of their own? Regardless, I hope the "Steam Box" or whatever it ends up being called is highly customisable. The Xi3 stuff seems expensive and no doubt the on board graphics will be outdated before long. Not that it's a major issue but just to have the ability to do that would maybe make me consider a purchase depending on the price of course.

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Some people are never pleased, are they?

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All this trailer proved was how PR still has the gaming industry in its vice like grip. Why is there so much build up given for one measly trailer?

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@VisariLoyalist: Thank you for this. It has been so long since I've listened to Midnight Brown.

I shall rest with their sweet, subtle melodies ringing in my ears. I shall also dream of the fabled 5th album.