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Paper Thin 1

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is a confused game. It doesn't quite know what type of Mario game it wants to be and this often leads to its undoing.The classic Paper Mario games offered deep, RPG stylings and a great sense of humour. Sticker Star retains neither of these things. In an effort to streamline the game for 3DS, Nintendo have stripped away a lot of what made the older offerings so much fun. The badge mechanic (which was essentially armour equips and stat buffs) have been entirely thrown ou...

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Halo 3 Review 0

The Halo series of games on Microsoft's, Xbox are truly a thing of wonder, with number one introducing a fantastic story and a great, however only 4 player split screen, multiplayer.Halo 2 upped the ante, bigger, badder weapons, more diverse enemies, and an absolute gem of a multiplayer mode, both online and offline.It is with no surprise then, that Halo 3 was expected to be a thing of wonder, bringing an end to the story of the Master Chief and The Covenant, and supposedly defining what Xbox Li...

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CoD4 Review 0

If the Call of Duty series has been one thing, it most certainly has been action packed, with each installment offering something new in the World War 2 FPS genre, whilst every Call of Duty game has been great, even some settings get dull. World War 2 is such a saturated market for FPS's that most of the games just blur into one, this is why is it so good to see Infinity Ward march into "new" territory.Call of Duty 4 is all about the thrills of modern day warfare, ranging from missions over Euro...

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