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A problem solved is a problem caused. -- Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington's got a head like a fucking orange.

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Whatever murders MF'ing dragons, that's what I'll be.

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As a fan of the Hush story arc, I'd love to see that as the main plot for the next game. Lots of villians, supporting cast, and story twists, but it might be too "inside baseball" for people that don't keep up with Batman that much. An open world Gotham is the next logical step, but hopefully the gameplay gets switched up. And no more Riddler trophies!

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If I'm not a Dudebro but I'm still excited about MW3, does that now make me a Dudebro?

I own BF3! I preordered Skyrim! I rage-cry during Dark Souls! This keeps me outta Dudebro status, right?


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I'd rather deal with inane behavior than teenage homophobic angst.

This all the way....but I usually mute everyone before the game starts anyways unless I'm playing with friends.

The way it's meant to be played. I do the same thing.

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@TEHMAXXORZ: The offer started this past weekend. Check your account, because I think those who preordered before the deal went live also got the credit. Also, CAG may have some amplifying info for you.

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I wanted to get the PC version but the $20 Amazon credit changed my mind. 360 for this guy.

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Blizzard has had me hooked on their CEs since vanilla WoW...I guess it's too late to stop buying them now.

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I feel ya man. Worry about the fun your having, not whatever stats are being thrown at you. After all, it's a game.

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Full-on Gotham City. Tweak the grapple mechanic to allow for a swing-and-release like Spider-Man and you've got gold, Jerry! GOLD!

Except Batman doesn't do that....

But yeah, Gotham City would be great. Maybe work on Batman running across rooftops...and driving a batmobile...

I meant allow for a player-controlled swing, not necessarily continuously swinging around a city like Spider-Man. And driving the Batmobile (maybe some Batplane or boat) would be rad.