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I was tricked into thinking this was a Dota 2 thread.

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Got the Abaddon mace. If anyone wants to trade their Venge or Kunkka weapon for it then gimme a shout, don't really like playing Abaddon so it's kinda worthless to me :(

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RIP Ryan.

Thank you for being a wonderful person and giving everyone endless hours of joy.

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[W] - Elemental Ice Infusion for Tiny

[H] - Wingbelt of the Wildwing's Blessing (Uncommon, Enchantress)

Bow of the Sun Vine (Uncommon, Windrunner)

Fishy Frillhawk (Rare, Slark)

Gramma Sharpie's Smokin' Rug (Rare, Sniper)

Spottin' Goggles (Rare, Sniper)

Strange Bracers of Profound Perfection (Strange Uncommon w/ Kills tracking, Invoker)

Double Vision (Uncommon ward)

Salvaged Sword and Board (Uncommon, Skele King)

Wheel of Fortitude (Uncommon, Tidehunter)

Would be willing to trade like 5 or 6 of them for it.

You can check them out @ my inventory.

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@forcen: I guess you're right.

You can add me if you want an invite. Still got 16 left.

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I'm sitting on 16 invites at the moment. If you want one just link your steam profile and I'll send one.

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I hadn't heard of them before so had a quick look round the internet for some reviews and people seemed pretty positive.

Bought my copy and got the key 7 mins later.

Thanks OP, bloody bargain!! :D

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There's not enough love for Kiki's in this thread! :(

Everytime I watch it I have the biggest smile on my face, such a charming film.

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Radiant Historia on the DS was my favourite.

Xenoblade was amazing too and is the best I played on home consoles.

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My current favourite in the rotation