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It's a terrible "review" but I did enjoy watching some actual gameplay video and shanking people in the neck seemed so good. I can't wait for this game.

All of the footage is taken from trailers and walkthroughs posted by the devs. Beyond lazy.

And the review part isn't that great either. Really, really shoddy work.

It's not "beyond lazy". At the very worst, it's simply a bit rushed. Not really that big of a deal. You should actually go to the website and see all the videos and articles, and all the different stuff they do. They're definitely not lazy.

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This game looks great but I don't think I'd spend $60 on it.

You can spend $45 on it (Green Man Gaming). With all the different options out there, I'd say if you were still paying a full $60 for a new videogame, you're doing it wrong.

My name is blue for a reason. I wish I had a PC.

Fair enough. I keep forgetting about the consoles because I'm still super happy to finally have a PC again.

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This game looks great but I don't think I'd spend $60 on it.

You can spend $45 on it (Green Man Gaming). With all the different options out there, I'd say if you were still paying a full $60 for a new videogame, you're doing it wrong.

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Didn't watch it. I already know who I'm voting for, because very much do not want to set this country back another 50 years with another Republican president and their hatred of all things minority, woman, and gay.

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You're. A combination of you and are.

Supposed. Not suppose.

You should probably pay more attention in class.

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They're just ads. If you haven't learned how to ignore ads on the internet by now, I really don't think the advertisers are the ones with the problem.

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As someone who hasn't really played much RE, could someone explain what was revealed about 6 that turned public opinion against it so quickly?

People don't like to see women giving dirty, bend-at-the-waist BJs to giraffes.

Hey, you don't speak for everybody, pal!

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I hate Fox News but Shepard Smith is the shit and he had no idea this would happen so I don't think any of this was their fault. He clearly tried to get it off quick but there was apparently only a 5 second delay so not much they could do.

Shepard Smith is one of the only people on Fox News that doesn't seem like he's constantly trying to shove conservative propaganda down your throat. Gotta respect him for that.

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@RedSox8933: Budd Dwyer? Oh, there's worse. Then again, I've always been the weird guy who found nothing wrong with his death (he lived by his word until death, he saved the pension for his then-financially-troubled family, etc.), so I guess that softened the clip for me. In my opinion, any Mayhem videos featuring Dawn of the Black Hearts on YouTube are worse; sure, it's not a clip of the action, but the picture's definitely on the gorier side of things (that's what happens when you slit your wrists and fire a sawed off shotgun directly at your forehead), and it's use as an album cover is kind of disturbing as well.

You know what I think makes the Budd Dwyer video more disturbing to me? The fact that he is surrounded by people in the video that are witnessing it. And the reactions from them disturb me almost more than the suicide itself.

I guess what people should take away from my time in this thread is that I have a very weak stomach for human violence and suffering. Which I guess is a good quality to have.

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Transcribed by me:

"...sometimes we see a lot of things that we don't let get to you because it's not time appropriate, it's insensitive, it's just wrong... and that was wrong... and that wont'happen again on my watch and I'm sorry. We'll update you with what happened with that guy and how that went down tonight on the Fox report. I'm sorry. Now the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi which killed four Americans including our ambassador to Li..."

Bullshit. There are many ways to consider what was said by the person speaking on behalf of Fox and none of them come out as anything but shit. Yes they should apologize for broadcasting a live suicide but then they go directly into a pre-written description of an attack that claimed the lives of multiple people. And that's just fine and dandy? Fuck that. I need to get off the internet for the night.

I don't quite understand the point you're trying to make.

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I just think it's hilarious that people are up in arms about the video being on Youtube when one could readily find the Budd Dwyer video (which is roughly 100 billion times more violent and disturbing) on the same site.

That video has given me nightmares. I can't stand real life pain and suffering. I'll take unrealistic movie violence any day of the week. When you see what actually happens when you put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, you immediately understand why movies show don't show it like that. It's way too disturbing.

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Superbowl = 10 second delay.

Guy with gun running from cops = LIVE.

Hey, nip slips are nothing to joke about!