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I'm pretty sure my dad has one.

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@49th: I will no doubt add plenty of peeper after the fact :) My wife hates the stuff.

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@49th: Imma try this Saturday morning :)

Have you done any modifications to it that you've personally found to be particularly pleasing?

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Hire a guy to go to all the meetings that Jeff has to attend so that Jeff can, once again, be the 24/7 content machine that both God and Science meant for him to be.

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Come along with me on this glorious journey, for alcohol.

To drink.

Because it’s delicious.

- Brewmaster Andy

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@otakugamer said:

clearly passionate about what he does and I don’t really see that with the rest of the crew quite honestly.

Definitely his finest quality and definitely something Giant Bomb the world needs more of :)

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I've gone through similar philosophical struggles in my life. Unfortunately I've found every piece of literature I've looked into on both sides is so steeped in agenda that I end up exactly where I started.

Creation vs. Evolution is big business and frankly I have trouble seeing anything but a bunch of people on both sides trying to get famous and/or make money. That's not much help, sorry.

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I don't hate the man I just don't agree with his over-simplified, black-and-white take on issues and I worry that despite his intentions he will end up doing more harm than good. Tackling sensitive issues will definitely score you some haters but I think it's his lack or tact and his (to quote EternalGamer2) cocksure naivete that makes them flock to him in such numbers.

It also doesn't help that he, on a regular basis, puts his trolls and haters on display for all to see. I agree that we need to do more than ignore but I'm a little surprised that the battle against jerks on the internet is being led by someone who doesn't even abide by Troll Rule #1 (you all know what it is).

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Don't Starve!

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Marvel is, in my opinion, the best Lego release to date, but I'd probably buy whichever franchise interests you the most.

Oh btw, I've played all of them except for Harry Potter 5-7, the new Hobbit one and the Nintendo exclusive Lego City.