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Let's not put all the blame on marketing departments. The press, the people who are supposed to be cutting through the BS for us, pushed this hype train just as hard as Bungie/Activision's marketing departments. As far as I'm concerned if I buy a game because of hype that marketing department has done it job and I have no one to blame but myself.

There also seems to be millions of people out there who aren't disappointed in Destiny and I have a feeling I'll be one of them when I finally get around to trying it.

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Space magic.


Jeez, it's like some of these people have never played a videogame before, amirite?

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@blzzzrrttt: I'd love to try out Hammerwatch :)

(ps: I think what you were looking for was "Hobby Horse"?)

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I can barely understand what you guys are saying.

Makes me want to play Destiny so bad.

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one notable game

I think that may be a bit of an understatement.

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I think this played a big part in this transaction. I think his soul was ready to move on, the 2+ bill just convinced him to pull the trigger.

I'd be very surprised if Notch hasn't seen more than his share of billion dollar bills dangled in front of his face. Just figgered he was ready to grab one.

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I really, REALLY liked the first Borderlands but for some reason I feel like one was enough. Wasn't real excited about 2 and even less excited about the new one. That said I can TOTALLY understand the people who love it and would never rule out the possibility of it re-clicking with me someday - and hey, on that day I'll have two full (probably deeply discounted) games to obsess over!

Destiny may not be the new shit (?) but it is killing any possibility of Borderlands being in the lime-light.

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@evermoore: I'm not sure about the PC version, but there is plenty of paid DLC available for the console versions.

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I'd say at least 50% of the kids at my son's school would consider Minecraft to be their favourite passtime. Walmart is full of Minecraft clothing and Toys R Us has a huge Minecraft toy section.

There's a lot more to this deal, and the Minecraft brand, than just a block-building video game.

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A game about the organization known as Sphinx (SPHINX!) from The Venture Bros. by Avalanche Studios (the Just Case 2 Avalanche).

(I'd also consider taking my chances with a Insomniac, Suckerpunch or *gulp* Ninja Theory take on this)