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I bet it was that low down, dirty, no good, snake in the grass, Stone Cold! That's why he was trying to convince Dan to stock his place with a selection of fine liquors!

In all seriousness I just hope he didn't lose anything special and/or irreplaceable.

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I built my latest PC about two years ago when the tearing on the 360 and framerates on the PS3 got too miserable to deal with anymore. It's been going great. Steam (and the other services) have made the process so much better and easier than it was last generation and the sales and variety are just ridiculous.

When I look at the new consoles just I don't see them doing anything new and I'm not convinced that they will. I've never totally skipped a console generation before, even during times when PC was my main platform, but unless something big happens with one of these new consoles I'm left asking myself: "What does it do that I can't already do with the devices I already have?"

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I was somewhere around 2400 hours when I quit. Almost all of it was vanilla, pre TBC. I also did at least 100 hours in Beta.

I don't regret a single hour.

Well... maybe a couple of them, but not many.

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Oh man.

I've played some GB (that's Gang Beats not Giant Bomb btw) and yeah, a sprinkling of Double Fine pixie dust could go a real long way!

Does anyone know if resources includes artistic or brainstorming services or is it mainly cash and marketing?

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@jazz_bcaz said:

I'm curious how Halo fans will take to Destiny, and whether people will stick with 343 over Bungie.

I'm also very curious to see how that plays out. A lot of marketing mega-powers up in this business too.

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I'm not in the market personally but if I were you, in your position right now, I'd be leaning strongly towards the XBox purely for the sake of being able to play Destiny with my brother - if that's something you think you'd do a lot of that is.

Honestly, I dunno.

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I just want to say I enjoy F2P games for what they're worth. My son enjoys them for what they're worth too and controlling the money spent is easier then easy. I also understand that these games aren't as easy to make as people like Klepek imply that they are.

@koolaid Makes me sad that you feel gross. Makes me sad that you have to deal with being called evil and lazy by people who have never had any part in making a game. Millions of people (both who know and don't know any better) have gotten billions of hours of entertainment out of these products. I have personally seen and circumvented every issue levied against the genre with next to no effort and have gotten thousands of hours of entertainment for nothing. I say hold yer head up son and fuck all the indies and journalists (for whom almost everything has always been free to play) complaining and politicking to mold gaming into their image.

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I hope the twenty-dollar-two-hour-indie-emotional-journey model dies before the F2P model does.

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Kind of curious how they'd be able to detect it.

I imagine the input from a macro looking the same as the keystrokes of a skilled player.