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@sterling said:

I think I was googling naked cartoon pussy, and giantbomb was the number recourse at the time.

Giant Bomb's really gone downhill since I've heard.

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I saw a giant 2-page spread in EGM that said

Been watching and reading stuff from Jeff, Ryan and Brad ever since.

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@nasar7 said:

It's incredible to me that you state the issues this game has with pacing as being a big impediment to your enjoyment of it, yet also imply that Lost Odyssey is one of your favorite JRPGs of all time. I found that game to have disastrously bad pacing, can't imagine how much worse Xenoblade Chronicles must be.

Yeah I can't help but chime in on this bit. I'm sure it has more to do with my age than the game itself but Lost Odyssey was that game that made me finally say "Enough is enough. I don't care how much I'm enjoying the combat system, I just can't take this pace of game anymore." ...and I played like 60 hours of Blue Dragon ffs.

I love classic JRPG gameplay but I feel at some point these games became less about gameplay and characters, and more about who can write the most lines of dialogue and render the most impressive and/or longest cutscenes.

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@euandewar: I very rarely go to Kotaku but I can't help but give them a little credit for not having numeric scores instead of complaining about how pesky mathematics misinterpreted the number they gave again :)

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I don't always like bumps. But when I do like bumps I likes bumps that bump things like "Rorie is pretty great, but how great is he?"

...and I'm clearly not against using potentially tired memes to do so.

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@tarfuin Have you played Rayman Origins or Legends? If so, any comparisons between the two control-wise?

I like (and deeply respect) Meatboy, but for my tastes those new Raymen really hit the sweet spot.

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I love Vinny and Alex's commentary/banter but sadly I find most of the games they QL so dull that I rarely watch the whole thing.

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@winsord: This bullet will no doubt be bit within the week. Thanks for your input.