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19. 8-12 months of patches and DLC.

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Just don't go anywhere near Dan Ryckert's youtube channel. It's filled with videos of him getting slapped, sitting on dozens of whoopee cushions, or his sisters vomiting into buckets.

Sorry, did you mean to say go to Dan's youtube channel now? Cause that's where I'm headed after reading your comment.

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All the time.

And now my 6 year old son is obsessed with doing it too. His ideas make Swery look like Tom Clancy.

Seeing the shit he comes up with has me convinced that ACE Team must have at least a few 5-7 year olds working in their art department.

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@sackmanjones: I like D3's gameplay fine but I too found myself overwhelmed by loot. I've been a loot-luster for decades but for some reason I just can't get into it anymore. If I had to make a guess I'd blame too much end-game WoW.

All the bad stuff I'm hearing about loot in Destiny just further turns me on to that game. It makes me feel like I could play it in the same way I play Team Fortress 2 where I play for the gameplay and enjoy loot as an "extra" as opposed to the primary goal.

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It's honestly weird to me that Patrick has so many detractors for his missteps(imagined or otherwise, have no interest in getting into that), but Dan's forays into ludicrously willful ignorance tend to get laughed off. I'm sure people just find Dan more charming so he gets away with more, or maybe it's just so cavalier you can't help but laugh a little, but it actually keeps making me feel bad for Patrick. I can barely imagine the shit he'd get if he said half the stuff Dan says.

Dan presents his ignorance as ignorance so I'll accept it for it's comedic value. Patrick would catch shit for saying similar things because he'd present that ignorance as the educated opinion of an expert and then judge anyone who feels differently. Dan says "You're a dork, I'm a cool guy". Patrick says "You're what's wrong with videogames, you should learn to be more like me".

In the end, I think both individuals generally get what they give.

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My best value is definitely Terarria. I paid $2.50 for it and have played roughly 120 hours. That's 2 cents an hour, and all those hours were top tier enjoyment. Honourable mentions go to Don't Starve, Fallout 3, Just Cause 2, Team Fortress 2 and Rogue Legacy.

Worst value is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Paid full price, played 2-3 hours and hated pretty much everything about it. Dishonourable mentions go to Sleeping Dogs (love it but it keeps crashing in the same spots), Fallout: New Vegas, inFamous 2, ModNation Racers, and what might be the worst game I've ever played, Enchanted Arms.

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Robert Rodriguez featuring music by The RZA.

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It was expensive and every person I talked to or read a comment from said the same thing, "Cool, but unfinished to the point of broken". To be honest interest seemed high in light of most impressions.

I've been a Schafer/DF fan for a long time but this stinks. The people with no stakes took all the risk and suffered the loss while Double Fine shifts their resources to whichever Greenlight or EA is hotter now? I almost clicked that buy button so many times, so glad I didn't - and I'll be even more hesitant in the future.

I'd love for someone to explain to me what I'm missing or how wrong I am because it's kinda boggling my mind as to how it could be defended beyond "buyer beware".

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@shagge said:

"Stronghold Crusader 2

Since you recently played Bad Mojo: Redux"

... Thanks, Steam. Not seeing the connection there, but... thaaaaanks. (not a complaint in the least. Baffling recommendations are one of the things I love about Netflix)

I'm with you. I love watching robots try to understand humans :P

I like the re-design but mainly because I hated that green.