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@gruebacca: Sorry, are there any cases of a consumer losing money or being inconvenienced? This is about consumer advocacy right?

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Despite Blizzard being the master and popularizer? of this art-style it's been so imitated that I'm having trouble feeling it (especially when measured against the stellar UX and art of TF2).

That being said, Blizzard in my books still deserves godlike gameplay cred, and as @sirfork said, anything Blizz makes is worth trying.

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@nethlem said:

Only patrick came up with the questionable conclusion, which at this point seems to have spiraled way out of control, lot's of angry people over basically nothing.

Hopefully this bad press only leads to a few lost sales, which only accounts to a few lost jobs of nameless people that this community would pretend to care about if they recognize any of the names listed.

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Decent sci-fi writer joins decently written sci-fi franchise eh?

Consider me mildly interested.

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I can't help but keep wondering if Apple's announcement of Vainglory (oh god that name) played into this decision at all?

I wouldn't be surprised if EA's end-game goal with this was to create the definitive mobile MOBA, a task that becomes much MUCH tougher with Apple backing another.

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Must be nice for Valve to have an army of journos and gamers with their fingers on the boycott button every time someone decides to not give Valve their cut.

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That's awesome. I always get jealous reading stories like this. I haven't been able to commit myself to social multiplayer in a long time but I still remember how incredibly fun it was and this sounds like an absolute blast. Cheers to GBFRN!

That giant HCD on the back of Dethfish's van kills me every time it rolls into view.

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@fredchuckdave: It takes a special kind of game to make you feel bad about liking it. Don't throw that away man. Cherish it ;)

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@therealnelsk said:

Okay, I'll ask. Is this impressive or unimpressive? Every reaction I've seen has been some smug "Metallica is playing Blizzcon. *yeah*" instead of people actually saying what they mean.

Sorry, not a metal fan.

Metallica is the biggest Metal band in the world and one of the biggest band in the world...period. So yeah it's a big thing.

What I really mean is that I think it's awesome. I'm not the world's biggest Metallica fan anymore but they know how to kill it on a stage, and it certainly beats getting that band that nobody remembers a year from now :)