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Any chance that we'll get a response from the site developers (ye olde top men) about this? 

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@Vegsen said:
We can't all share the same opinion about everything, right?
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ProfessorEss really pisses me off sometimes.

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1/5. I don't like game music much, especially the older stuff.

(@ryanrulez: can't believe someone linked to this song. Not a huge fan of the album (maybe it was the departure from Ordinary People) but MAN OH MAN do I have a thing for This Is Hardcore.)
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@CornBREDX said:

Rories thoughts on the game is all we will get...

I personally thought Rorie's article on this game was more enlightening than most reviews (on this or other sites, on this or other games). 
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@kishinfoulux said:

*sighs* Thought they would've learned from Uncharted 2.

Learned what exactly?
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@Branthog said:
 I dig GB and crew, but in the past year I have felt increasingly like even though they give solid positive reviews to things, they kind of hate everything. They'll wet themselves when the next Jonothan Blow game comes out, sure, but things they get that excited about are rarities. I understand burn-out. I wonder if they're suffering that. Or maybe it's just my perception. I just don't get as excited about games when they talk about them as I used to when they talked about them.
Yeah I get the same feeling too. 
I mean, if I was the publisher I don't know how comfortable I'd feel sending GB a copy of my game knowing that it could get docked a full 1/5 of it score for something as small and subjective as "I don't like how the sprint works" or "I don't like the potshots they took at Modern Warfare in their marketing"
We can sit here and say "but a 4 is a great score as far as the Giant Bomb scale is concerned" or "publishers should be happy about an 80/100, that's a good score" but like it or not, agree with it or disagree with it, that's just not the reality of today's system.
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For me Spyro has always been the mascot of mediocrity.
And why is that? The Spyro games weren't any worse than any other platformer of their day, in fact I think they were right up there with the best of the genre.
I dunno, because I didn't feel they were right up there with the best of the genre? I felt they were more right up at the top of the middle of the genre. 
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Tough pick between Jak II and GTA3...
I'm gonna go with GTA3.