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I just assumed Jeff would already have two or three life-time subscriptions.

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@sugetipula said:

@ProfessorEss: Yeah, I know, and trust me, I would have put them, but I was afraid people are gonna jump on me for having to many. Everquest would be another one....

Again, a poll with Everquest but not Ultima Online would still be weird to me. 
But anyways. It's just a poll, your poll, duwhatchalike. 
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@sugetipula said:

@Sooty: I said out of those. You cant expect me to list all games.I also wanted to list 007 for N64, but I stoped because I already have to many.

Yeah, but Doom dude? DOOM! 
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@AlexW00d said:

People are actually voting for Halo? I didn't think this was that kind of community.

No different than the people who voted for Zelda, Half-Life, CoD, Metal Gear and Sonic as far as I'm concerned.
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@Sooty said:

You missed out Doom and didn't mention Street Fighter at all which makes this poll completely pointless.

Yeah it's pretty weird to have Half-Life, Halo and Call of Duty in the list, but not have Doom.
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So the "limited" in Limited Edition is actually literal? 
I just assumed it was a buzzword. 

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Yeah it really sucks, that is why buying xbox live cards is better

...and pretty much always cheaper.
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Wind Waker is easily my second favourite Zelda game, right after A Link to the Past. 

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When I see the name Silicon Knights, I keep walkin'.

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@SuperCycle said:

 Can I bitch and moan about it now?

You can, but you do realize that bitching and moaning isn't going to get you any closer to getting your credit card information removed right? 
I agree it's stupid, but it is what it is. Phones are pretty easy to use, just give then call and be done with it.