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@ztiworoh said:

@Slaker117: What if your name is Luke?

I think if your name is Luke maybe consider not naming your company after yourself. 
Same goes for anyone named Les.
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@AhmadMetallic: If you have a second, maybe take another screenshot or two after fixing this setting and post it in here. I'm curious to see the difference.
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I started playing through Gears 1 on easy just to refresh myself, but one look at my backlog and the packed upcoming release calendar and I went back to playing unplayed stuff. 
@XII_Sniper said:

I hate marathoning games in general, especially before a sequel, because then I'm just burned out on the gameplay before the new one comes out.

Yeah I've had that happen to me a few times too.
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@spookyfaust said:

...but what does everyone else think?

It's a funny concept/photoshop but I dunno, not all that great as a shirt in my opinion.
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@Astras said:

...the game will surely pay a lot less than the minimum of minimum wages when they cease to have fun, and start grinding!

@Enigma777 said:
However people that plan to earn a solid income through it are fooling themselves.
In some countries - it's the other ones you have to worry about. 
I'll be curious to see how it plays out.
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@JustKamToo said: really will love kicking zombies!

You'd better love it, cause yer gonna be doing a lot of it. 
If you don't like kicking zombies, stay far, far away from Dead Island.
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My son wakes up too early.

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I love it.

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It's almost as though these guys don't wanna become men. The only thing that scares me about the Fear Gauntlet is no more Fear Gauntlet.

To be fair, it was only three days ago. Still, get on it Lemodega!! (yeah that's right, I typed that)