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@thisguyrich said: was it a good experience overall?

It was very interesting. It's a pretty well known concept that when your hair isn't subjected to all the stuff in shampoos, conditioners and product that your hair will return to it's natural self cleaning state. That's what I was trying, and yeah it worked. 
The only real bad part was the weeks it takes for your hair to go back to creating it's natural levels of oil. Shampoos and things remove oil so hair is typically in a constant state of overdrive trying to replace it, so it got greasy, real greasy - much greasier than anyone in this thread would be able to endure from the sounds of things. 
But yeah, it was almost like one day it was back to normal clean looking and feeling hair. I think I went another four, maybe six months before putting anything in it again and it stayed clean. 
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I tried the no shampoo thing a long time ago (1994 I think?) when I used to do a lot of real messed up stuff to my hair. 

It got real greasy the first couple weeks, but then it transistioned and felt like normal clean hair from then on in.


 Nowadays I shampoo, but mainly just because I like the way shampoo smells.

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Beyond the level of it being A LOT of valuable practice, I think it's a straight up fantastic piece man.

I hope and assume your friend is very happy?

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Grats on the new PS3 man, now go get those Uncharted games and Dark Souls stat!.

I buy most of my multiplatform games for the 360 because I prefer the controller and have more friends there. I also buy all my multiplayer games on 360 because despite it costing 60 bucks a year, and despite being told over and over again by anonymous forum posters that PSN works just as good as Live, PSN has never worked nearly as consistently as Live. It also hasn't performed well for my buddies so the "which console" vote is always unanimously 360 (granted it's been a long time since any of us have tried multiplayer on PSN, but I think that shipped has sailed, for better or for worse).

My PS3 is pretty much just used for exclusives and media.

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@SeriouslyNow said:

@ProfessorEss said:

From the responses, I'm not convinced most of you even understand what's being said.

Indeed. This is really poor on MS's part. They are literally saying that XNA games will be discouraged on Windows 8.

Maybe, and yes MS is terrible about communicating what's going on but I have my suspicions that Metro is going to turn out to be more of a portal/syncing area for one's mobile devices - almost in the same vein that Mac games aren't advertised in the App store because they don't work with the current device (or in this case section of the OS) that you're currently browsing with.

That make any sense? That the only things that will be shown in Metro are things that have been made for Metro devices.

Obviously I don't know anything I'm just not convinced this is the outragable snowjob that it's being made out to be. Though I will admit, MS's history - anything is possible.

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@risingphoenix said:

  • I am sitting at my computer right now that I spent about $300 on...

Specs please.

I can't count how many times I've seen someone say this, but oddly I have yet to see one of these 300 dollar gaming rigs verified.

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@TheHBK said:

I think it is unrealistic the Dragon was not encumbered.


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I appreciate their style, but their games (except for Splosionman) just play too poorly to generate much interest in me.

Plus, I dunno, I found the gag funnier when it came as a surprise. I'm afraid it's getting closer and closer to Ace Ventura's "Allllll righty then" with each release.

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Videogames are barely older than I am, and unlike television and movies they didn't have the benefit of being able to work off as much of the groundwork that was laid down by literature. I think a lot of the time we just expect too much from a medium that is still so young and so different.

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I won't complain about it, and then I won't buy it. 
You will complain about it, and then you will buy it. 
This is why it's a huge issue to you, and a non-issue to me.