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   My Giant Bomb "Picture of Me".

Straight Outta Bombton
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The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones when it starts up again. 

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I don't really spend much time lookin at the boxes. 
...but that is one ugly, UGLY box.

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I dunno, it's a weird one. 
I voted Yes because it's always been a AAA as far as my personal enjoyment scale is concerned, but the first two were a little too janky and lacked that certain je ne sais quoi that defines (the undefinable) AAA status. 
I'd also like to take a moment to give credit to any Triple X or Double D jokes made in this thread.

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@buzz_killington said:

A lot of cool games get announced and shown at this thing, so I'm looking forward to it.

Nice to know I'm not the only one who enjoys it for what it's worth :) 
Sure you can argue that it's a joke as far as award shows go (we could just as easily argue that all award shows, and awards in general, are just as big a joke) but there have been some decent developer acceptances and always at least a couple sweet trailers.
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@subyman said:

I can see why. The game is great. I can't remember having this much fun with a FPS since Battlefield 1942.

Me and my buddies played 1942 endlessly together. Two of us lost our love of online FPSs shortly after, the third has played and loved every BF released. 
Anyways, he's been telling me the same thing BF3. That despite really enjoying these other games he hasn't been as deeply hooked since the old 1942 days. Really has me thinking about picking it up, I'm just not convinced that I have the time to put in to get a satisfying experience (I'm not a natural, I need LOTS of practice to compete). Still considering it though, maybe I'll wait for a sale.
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I'm not a fan, not even when they're done right. 
I'd rather just watch a little finisher cutscene as opposed to watching for prompts.

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As catastrophic as those movies are I actually liked the third one more than the first. 
I never saw the second. Which, by the way, is kinda one of the worst things you can say about your interest in a "trilogy". 

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Thanks for the info.

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@JordanK85 said:

 Basically I give the whole notion of scores 7 thumbs up. Tell me what that is on metacritic.

I would assume it's out of ten and give it a seventy. 
Luckily for Metacritic unlike your "7 Thumbs" Giant Bomb provides a clear "OUT OF FIVE" distinction, thus giving any number given within it a clear and obvious mathematically value.