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Yeah, Zimmer's shit  is sick.

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@Yanngc33: The people that buy Resistance 3 shortly after it has been released are more likely to have mics than the people that will pick it up a few months from now.

And the people who buy Resistance 3 shortly after it's released are more likely to be the people who become the long-term players that most people will be playing with.
I'm afraid I'm not quite getting your overly complicated qualifier.
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40 weeks of titties is a lot of titties. 
May I also add... 
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Hopefully no, see what it did for the x360 community? If people have to buy one with their own money they stand a better chance of being older and somewhat more mature.
Do people actually believe this line? Or do they just say it as a joke? 
I can't help but chuckle when people pretend that one of the platforms out there actually has some sort of measurable maturity level. 
Anyways, at the end of the day most XBox Live players have probably had to buy their own headsets because those one's that come in the box are sub-free-airline quality.
I can't help but assume that the PS4 will come with one - and it will also be a cheapass piece of junk that'll have to be replaced sooner than later.
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I'm assuming 4za is already trademarked by the Wu-Tang. 

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I wish I had known the Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a stealth game. 
Unfortunately their marketing fooled me with their claims of it having multiple viable play-style options. 

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Man I've been buried up to my neck with the tide coming in this whole generation.

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Good for you. Personally I bought the first Gears and never understood what the fuzz was all about. It just felt like Halo in third person with a gray and brown filter on it. But that's just me I guess, most people seem to love Gears.

im with you. gears of war 1 was just a huge pile of turd. i tried playing it 3 times but it was just so wtf? and the chainsaw was broken. im still amazed to see xbox successful when xbox was garbo

Say what you will about Gears. Both games were critically acclaimed and sold truckloads!

more like truckloads of garbo

Lol I think Fanboys are garbo

fanboys of what? lol the truth   sales dont make out for what the product is
Yeah guys, sometimes even total garbo get's good sales.
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They said a while back that it would be a book site. I'm personally holding out hope for a cooking site. A giant whisky style data base for recipes, being able to sort by food, maybe make a list of things you have in the kitchen and it shows you recipes that require those things. The possibilities are endless for a good wiki cooking site. Not to mention getting the right hosts to do weekly videos about tips and tricks, and getting some synergy with tested and do testing segments for cooking tools.

Cooking would be pretty awesome!

Cooking would be pretty cool. 
...and even if it went books we could just form a community around the cookbook areas of the wiki and forums. 
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I want my Whiskey Wiki for Whiskies.

How about the entire family of brown liquors? 
We could have alignments based on our favourite catagory of brown liquor! (Brown, Dark Brown and Tan perhaps?)
I would also vote for a hair jelly wiki.