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WWF Superstars was what brought me to the squared circle. To this day I can't tell you what drew me to it but something did and that something had me hooked. I wasn't really into "scheduling" when I was young but that shits was written in stone on my weekly calendar. Noon, Saturday. 
These were the days of hour long shows consisting of a string of classic "name" versus "jobber" where we all knew who was going to win but we fooled ourselves into thinking "anything could happen". Chair shots, foreign objects and run-ins were so rare on these shows that they more shocking back then than a murder-suicide would be in today's storylines - not to mention that a single chair-shot back then was so devastating that would would hospitalize a wrestler for like a month. 
A couple times a year (on what appeared to be a totally random schedule) we would be blessed with a SATURDAY NIGHT'S MAIN EVENT. These things were usually on at 12:30am and required me and my brother sneaking out of bed for some late-night, low-volume wrestling action, but seeing as these were our only access to named vs. named matches it was the epitome of must-see TV for us. 
Over the next 20 years or so my appreciation of wrestling grew, waned, changed, evolved and then eventually and unfortunately died (shortly after the Austin/Angle days) but I'll never forget the endless hours of super-charged entertainment it gave me. 
BUT... if I ever had to credit my love of wrestling to one thing my answer is always easy, always the same. The most entertaining, the most skilled, the most ahead of his time, the best matches, the best feuds, the best reigns, the best robes and in my opinion THE most iconic and influential wrestler there ever was and ever will be: THE MADNESS, RANDY "MACHO MAN" SAVAGE. RIP.

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Meh. I consider texture and mesh reusing efficiently and in the right amount smart, not offensive. 
Dev dollars are dev dollars. Who knows what those those hours were used to do instead of building an original, though similar for all intents and purposes, building.

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@kingzetta said:
Every FPS game that came out this year,  has had a "disappointment of the year" thread.
I can never tell if it's just someone who just really liked the last one and fears change, someone who likes a different franchise trollin', or someone legitimately disappointed. 
Shit don't get anymore competitive than the FPS market and fierce competition breeds fierce whining, bitching and praising.
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@Zippedbinders: I'm not saying whether it was good or not, I was just saying it seemed like the hate started to creep out somewhere around four or five.
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Tony Hawk was certainly getting more than enough hate by the time it hit it's fifth installment.
Was it as harsh as is it towards the franchises of today? Probably not, but I think that has to do more with how the culture of hating popular things on the internet continues to grow, evolve and mature than the franchise(s) in question.

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The frying pan in Left 4 Dead 2. BWONG!! 
Actually most of the melee weapons in L4D2 are gold - with some solid gold sound effects. 
I'm also a big fan of Halo's Gravity Hammer - it's feeling of weight and impact is fantastic.

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   My Giant Bomb "Picture of Me".

Straight Outta Bombton
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The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones when it starts up again. 

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I don't really spend much time lookin at the boxes. 
...but that is one ugly, UGLY box.

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I dunno, it's a weird one. 
I voted Yes because it's always been a AAA as far as my personal enjoyment scale is concerned, but the first two were a little too janky and lacked that certain je ne sais quoi that defines (the undefinable) AAA status. 
I'd also like to take a moment to give credit to any Triple X or Double D jokes made in this thread.