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For a second there I was all like, wtf. 
Then I was all like, lolwtf. 
In other news, my friend just picked up a copy of Wolfenstein. I never did get around to playing that and always wanted to. 

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I hope to get around to it, and I'd probably get around to it quicker if the quarter wasn't packed with so many other incredible looking titles, but I'm still a little worried it'll end up being more of an awesome tech-demo than an awesome game.

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@megalowho said:

Advertisements are generally produced at higher than normalized levels to draw attention to them. Nothing new there, sometimes it's more noticeable than others. I don't think loudness is a bug issue with Giant Bomb, it's just how Deep Silver is choosing to promote their game.

No, it is kind of something new here. 
We all know about ads generally being louder but if you could see this one you'd know what people are talking about. 
Not saying it's a bug, or that GB can do anything about it, but It's pretty crazy drastic. WAY beyond anything I've ever seen in my internet and television travels. 
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@Alex said:

... Archer

For some reason my eye shot right to here in the article and I almost creamed thinking for a second that H. Jon Benjamin was going to be in Skyrim.

(Sorry, I wrestled with it forever in my head but failed to come up with an equally apt but classier synonym for "creamed".)

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The shoe and boot budget on this movie is gonna be RIDICULOUS!

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Saw that this morning, some solid stuff.

Trying to decide whether I should buy some of them to throw on my giant pile of unplayed games or say screw it and try to concentrate on the long list of things I already own.

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@yoshimitz505: fix'd
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@yoshimitz707: Shit. I knew this was gonna happen. 
I don't suppose you'd consider changing it? 
I'll fix it later.
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@Mr_Skeleton: 240
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@AlexW00d: Also, a pretty damn stupid waste of time :P