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I'll be the first say I'm not a fan of changing my avatar pic BUT....

Bow down to the true master of this domain and show yer hardcore love for hardcore Dave tomorrow with these beautiful and conveniently premade HCD avatar pics.

(Available in tangerine, seafoam, epic, limon, indigo, piss, blood, royal and the dreaded magenta - NEW! Ghost and stealth now available)

...and if you don't like him, the potential for pandemonium of not recognizing each other tomorrow should be reason enough to follow along. Be fun, be hardcore, and do it!!

Ups to Alister Cat, Vager, MisterChief, and

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Like others in this thread I like Rampage and I'm typically a fan of the underdog, but if I was being forced to put my life's savings on this... I'd put it on Bones.

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The wait was twice the Fear Gauntlet that the Fear Gauntlet will ever be. 

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I'm assuming Giant Bomb has no control over this but man the volume of that Dead Island ad is so much louder than the volume of the content (and most content on other sites as well).
Every time I start a video I'm blasted by that Dead Island music because I turned up the volume for the content of the previous video I just watched. 
Not a big deal, just something I thought I'd bring to your attention.

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Hell Freezes Over -- Diablo® III to Ship in Early 2012

I'm curious as to what Blizzard defines as "Early 2012".


I'll be realistic and say October 23rd.
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Ryan who?  ;)

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"You think it's bad because it's different and unique. Go back to COD !"

Yeah, the "sheep" call out is about as cheap and meaningless as it gets.
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They made two games that didn't sell well. They should be happy that Capcom is letting them make DMC.

It didn't seem like Ninja Theory learned any lessons from the faults of their first, so I doubt another Enslaved would have been any better. They should change to downloadable titles that push against the 2GB limit.

What they really should do is become the production end of a better developer, or hire a new gameplay development team. 
They may be the best window dressers out there but their games play like they were made ten years ago. Like a Lamborghini with a lawnmower engine. Maybe that's a little harsh, but there is just such a huge gap between their production values and their playability - maybe that makes it feel worse than it is.
I'm really hoping that Capcom has sent some gameplay experts over to Ninja Theory to assist in the development of DMC. They could be a real beast of a developer if they could just figure out that last (and incredibly important) piece of the development puzzle.
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Ugh. Totally thought this was a new Fear Gauntlet thread for a second.

Me too :( 
I think the core staff is trying to sabotage it. Probably doesn't look good when the best feature currently running is done by their puny, pea-brained interns.