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Bad date. By the time I finish Dead Island, Gears and Dark Souls I'll be getting into Arkham Asylum, Saint's Row, Uncharted and Skyrim (to name a few). By the time I'm done with those I'm pretty sure my desire to finally see Crysis will be long forgotten.

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@Hizang: Come to Canada and open a daycare. That shits is mad expensive here and doesn't appear to be very expensive to run. 
Paperwork consists of writing down what the kid ate, whether they took a nap or not and what their general attitude was for the day. 
The fact that you're actually educated in the field would probably allow you to charge a more premium rate too. 
(Depending on where you're from your accent could probably raise or lower your rates too)
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I just assumed Jeff would already have two or three life-time subscriptions.

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@sugetipula said:

@ProfessorEss: Yeah, I know, and trust me, I would have put them, but I was afraid people are gonna jump on me for having to many. Everquest would be another one....

Again, a poll with Everquest but not Ultima Online would still be weird to me. 
But anyways. It's just a poll, your poll, duwhatchalike. 
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@sugetipula said:

@Sooty: I said out of those. You cant expect me to list all games.I also wanted to list 007 for N64, but I stoped because I already have to many.

Yeah, but Doom dude? DOOM! 
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@AlexW00d said:

People are actually voting for Halo? I didn't think this was that kind of community.

No different than the people who voted for Zelda, Half-Life, CoD, Metal Gear and Sonic as far as I'm concerned.
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@Sooty said:

You missed out Doom and didn't mention Street Fighter at all which makes this poll completely pointless.

Yeah it's pretty weird to have Half-Life, Halo and Call of Duty in the list, but not have Doom.
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So the "limited" in Limited Edition is actually literal? 
I just assumed it was a buzzword. 

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Yeah it really sucks, that is why buying xbox live cards is better

...and pretty much always cheaper.
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Wind Waker is easily my second favourite Zelda game, right after A Link to the Past.