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I think another issue with the online is people hording humanity. I assume this will work itself out in time, but I've heard several different people mention playing the game only hollow. Not enough incentives to be human or people don't understand how the online is basically dependent on being human =/

Yeah I wonder how big a part this plays. 
I personally never sought out online play in Demon's Souls but it happened from time to time just as a result of frequently becoming human. In Dark Souls I'm still sketchy on how important and and rare humanity is, and I really have no idea what the benefits of being human are so I rarely change to human form (once in about 15 hours of play to be exact).
It would seem that it being so easy to stay undead takes a lot of players who aren't looking for online play but would do it if the opportunity presented itself out of the online pool.
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Maybe, maybe not, but it certainly wouldn't have anything to do with hanging my hat firmly on a single release.
But then again, maybe my opinion isn't really all that fair what with being a level-headed grown-up and all. 

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Thank you immeasurably. 
I don't care if it was on purpose or not, this was either a huge mistake, or a very poor decision made by the developers. 
(PS: I would love to know if it was intentional or an oversight on their part, I'm leaning towards oversight.)

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Don't hit or release your block while doing an attack and it shouldn't happen. 
For a while I was releasing my block every time I wanted to attack but if you hit the attack before your block goes down (or up) it holds your attack in some sort of queue until you trigger your block again. 
I'm not sure of the strategic use of this, but it has been totally consistent for me.

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I'm gonna blow your mind: you can also slide down ladders by pressing Circle.


I'll second that "WHAT!"
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I'd be all for a 2012 announcement with a 2013 release, followed by my 2014 purchase. 
 ...also I hope they call it XBox X.

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I dunno, there's some good ones. Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Viva Piñata, the Souls games, Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead, Gears of War, the list just goes on and on.

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Same as it was with Demon's Souls - an effing dragon on an effing bridge.

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It could be a copycat killer writer, but it's more fun to think that someone ever came up with this weird way to troll in the first place.

Serial Emailer X!?!
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I'm actually kind of happy to hear that it is fake. It's much more comforting than the thought that someone would actually name two lion cubs Gerstmann and Davis. 
...not that they aren't perfectly cromulent lion cub names.