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I don't believe it's a spoiler regardless of where it happens in the game. 
This spoiler is being too deliberately mentioned by the press (upon Rocksteady's request perhaps?) to be an accident.

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All I really know about Fez is that it's awesome looking. 
Don't really know enough about it to be all that bummed out.

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I cancelled mine about a year ago. 
The only thing I miss is hockey, but I'm not in the right region to get most of the games I want to watch anyways, and I still get Saturday night games on CBC.

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A little more commerce, a little less arts, but yeah, somewhat, more or less.

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This generation, the impossible Viva PInata 3 trumps all. Sequel plz.

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My mate is testing the game tonight as a matter of fact at Namco Bandai HQ and yes he said 360 version is fucking shit, low frame rate dips & bad screen tearing

Well my uncle works at Nintendo and says you're a liar.

A guy who works at Microsoft told my cousin who works at Sony that yer uncle who works at Nintendo is kind of a jerk.
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Too Human, Bionic Commando (retail), Mario Galaxy and Deus Ex are the first to come to mind.

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@kingzetta: I got a question regarding starting class levels.  Is the level cost based on the level, or the number of times you've leveled?By which I mean: You choose a class that starts at level one, you level him up to five. Will his 5 to 6 (fifth time leveling) cost the same as someone who started at level 5 leveling from 5 to 6 (first time leveling)?
Yes, its entirely based on youre current level so a class that starts at 1 will have cheaper levels 1through 5 and will pay exactly the same amount to cross 5 to 6 as a new character that starts at  level 5
Tempts me to start as a Pyromancer just so I can start picking my stats and stuff earlier in the character's development.
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@Karkarov: Yeah, I'm feeling torn between Wanderer and Thief. 
Nothing pisses me off more than a locked door or chest.