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Like many others I bought Half Life 2 in stores which required you to download and activate Steam.

Almost a decade later I finally reactivated Steam and bought Terraria.

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No, but for me the best ones always are.

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@bbalpert: I wanted to help but all I could think was "All of it".

Kimchi dolsot bibimbop, killer choice!

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I love it.

Every time I see it I get a chuckle thinking about all the horrible things Jeff would say about it if it was an element of someone else's product :)

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I am glad to see this. As someone who grew up in the golden era of arcades, I can say wholeheartedly, that they are an evil hive of scum. $.75 to play Dragon's Lair (Canadian prices in the mid-80's), to $4 for a single play of Rush: Alcatraz Edition (Canadian prices in the mid-90's), or $1 for a game of SF Alpha 2 (Canadian prices just two weeks ago); these are awful prices that can only be described as a rip-off. If that is what needs to be charged for an Arcade to make a profit then good riddance, I hope they all go under.

As someone else who grew up in the golden era of arcades, Imma drop a double dose of honesty up in here. The majority of the people in these arcades throughout the eras were mostly shit too and the day that the games in our house became better than the games in the arcades... well, it was straight up fuck the arcades.

That being said... I think there's a solid niche there that one could do right if they did it right.

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Not for my tastes.

It has an interesting gem or two but even the best games seem to have better and/or bigger and/or deeper and/or more polished analogs elsewhere.

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If you had nothing to play it on I'd say sure, but seeing as you already have an X1 I'd say no.

I'd change that to "maybe not" if you have friends planning to play Destiny on PS4, and change it to "definitely not" if you have friends planning to get Destiny on X1.

Short story shorter: I wouldn't base my decision on bonuses.

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I've really been wanting to play this but I've been avoiding buying it because of performance issues and being worried that a sequel would be announced before it was fixed.

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The Other G.B.

Front page! Played a fair bit of the pre-alpha(?) with my friends. Laughed just as hard as when I watched Giant Bomb play it.

They did a great job on the image too, slapped me right across the face (in a good way) when it popped up. The upper-cut is good but that noogie is priceless, really captures the spirit of the game.

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It better be Agent, and it better be soon seeing as it's a PS3 exclusive.