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The devs also mentioned in an interview with Gamespot that the game will not be about building so that throws most Starbound comparisons out the window for me.

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Just because Just Cause.

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More developers finally start including co-op in their games and we're complaining about it already? Sheesh.

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Obviously cant understand the nuance of your situation but I will say things can go weird after you get into a job.

You say it's hard to be motivated doing some job you don't like for the sake of "getting work" but who knows. Is it a big company that you could roll through horizontally meeting people learning new skills? Maybe there's some stuff you could learn there that you could put on your next resume? The job I took years ago is nothing like what I do today or where I would've expected myself, and it's been a mix of inspiring and crushing, but I learned tons of shit every step of the way.

The bright side is that your profile says you live in New York so despite competition being tough at least there's jobs to be competing for.

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I know I shouldn't and I hate to reply to these but honestly, That is possible from that door you knock from here?

Really. That's the best this bot could do?

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I'm not sure if they have it or not, but a medic class that can swing the tide of battle despite the player having terrible aim a la TF2 could seal the deal for me :P

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Yeah, it's been fantastic. Thumbs up!

I'm led to believe that @patrickklepek was responsible for all the guest booking? Great job!

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I seriously question the value of selling the 360, especially if you have a decent catalog of replayable arcade titles. I would think you could potentially sell your disc library (separately or together) for almost the same as selling it all? And then you'd still have this little arcade box that you could hook up somewhere else.

If ever drop my 360 playing altogether I'm seriously considering building a Pacman:CEDX/Geometry Wars cabinet around it.

Just brainstorming :)

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I feel like his change in look is a really well done jump in age.

I feel like I'm doing that squinty, "yeah that's him" that you do when you see someone you haven't seen in 5-10 years.