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Fallout: New Vegas for sure. I bought the collectors edition for 360 day one played for like 8-10 hours went to bed woke up and I couldn't load my save. started over and it happened again. Apparently it was a known issue and it took them 3.5 months to fix it. Traded in the 360 version and bought the pc version and haven't looked back also man that game is buggy as hell. From dogs eyes floating beside their head scripting generally being as stable as a house in a swamp and just plain old open world jank that game was at least at launch broken as hell.

Same here. Played somewhere between 6 and 10 hours before calling it a day. I always planned on going back to it after it got patched and fixed, I still think about giving it a go from time to time, but I never have.

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Good luck and have fun!

...and maybe stop by the Grand Canyon on the way, I always regret not having time to do that when I visited that area.

Seriously do it. The most beautiful place I have ever seen, way more magnificent than I ever imagined.

SHADDAP already! :P

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I wish I did. I feel like I should. But most of the time I end up preferring my memories of "what they were in their day" than how they play now.

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Good luck and have fun!

...and maybe stop by the Grand Canyon on the way, I always regret not having time to do that when I visited that area.

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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Yup. I'll also throw Viva Pinata (especially Trouble In Paradise) up in this thread.

Frankly I think Rare as a whole has gotten a bum rap. I'd love a Kameo 2, Viva PInata 3 and Nuts and Bolts 2. I'd actually go out and buy an XBone today if I heard those were in the works.

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@jimbo: Let's be real here though. Given the choice, absolutely nobody would recommend Bethesda as the studio to handle the technical groundwork.

Unless the question was "Who should handle the technical groundwork, Bethesda or Obsidian?".

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I'd kill for a Firaxis Fallout.

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I'd be fine if they were in charge of writing them but New Vegas was one of the buggiest gaming experiences I ever had. I know every Bethesda game is buggy but New Vegas was the only one I stopped playing and never finished because of them.

End of the day, I much preferred Fallout 3.

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I've always found these forums to be a quicker and better source of news than the News section ever was. Almost every non-editorial news item seems to pop up on these forums an hour or two before the news story goes up.

I'm perfectly happy relying on this community for my news.

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@jesushammer: I think people are frustrated.

Two games. Latest release 2005. Ueda leaves. Team Ico misses the entire (super-long) hardware generation.

Here's what I'm curious about: How is everyone supposed to react when Sony makes the next big E3, console-selling, Team Ico announcement? I understand hater-gon-hate but at some point...