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Not that interested in disappointment of the year (it's probably a general pessimistic view of the longevity of new console specs) but Ubi has the apology in the bag. Regardless of what you think of The Crew, offering a game that hasn't even been released yet on top of a well reviewed new release (FC4) is unprecedented, is it not?

They apologized with their wallet.

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@professoress: Congratulations! For some reason, I find that news incredibly awesome.

Best part... I don't think most players have seen a Tauren in full Dragonstalker riding an original Kodo in years :P

(I also still had a quiver full of arrows)

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...they're trying and it's the thought that counts.

Sadly, that seems to be the case.

In brighter news (or darker depending on how you look at it) my World of Warcraft character that I created on release day, finally hit level 61 after hitting level 60 six years ago.

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I dont know, but they have to do something called "The A/V Club".

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You had me at BOMMMMM.

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More Muirs the better.

The Muir the Merrier.

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I wrapped on it three or four weeks ago or so and my memories are still overwhelmingly positive. It plays great and the Nemesis system does a great job at hiding SoM's saminess by maintaining a system of petty grudges that hide (or at least break up) the trivialities of many side missions. The illusion does break down over time (and they picked a poor nemesis for me) but by then I'd already had enough "whaaat" moments that my hat was tipped. It did get really easy but for me it fit the flow of the game.

I still believe that, despite the hype, the Nemesis system will be a spark that inspires some great new games.

I would be wary of judging it by opinions of Assassin's Creed. I think enjoying "Arkham" combat is by far the key requirement to enjoying the SoM.

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@tpoppapuff: Sorry Poppa, but if hypocrisy bothers you, you are in the wrong place.

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As someone with a mostly broken original DS that has been kicking around for as long as I can remember this strangely doesn't surprise me as much as most of these kind of dates do.

Good on them, great machine trumped only (in my eyes) by it's predecessor the GBA. It may just end up being the last truly great handheld.