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It annoys me but it's become such a standard business practice these days that getting it turned off is just part of my standard consuming practice.

It's super lame but I called MS once about five years ago and it solved it pretty painlessly - if/when I buy an XBoxOne (or subscribe to pretty much any online service) I'll just remember to do the same.

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It got pretty tiresome after a while but it had some great ideas in it.

Seems like the type of game that could've led to a better sequel. Curious to see where this goes.

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I'm not going to debate my opinion because sports tastes are about as objective as they get BUT as a hockey fan I've just always found watching soccer to be slow. Also the diving drives me crazy and the fact that Canada is not a contender leaves me with limited potential for passion.

I respect the game, the athletes and enjoy playing it from time to time but I just can't get into watching it.

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Lack of representation in videogames is a small price to pay to be a member of the world's elite.

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I'd rather they just keep the trash cans and abandon the narrative. I can sympathize with what your saying, but my tastes lie elsewhere.

None of my favourite or most memorable gaming moments have been a result of a narrative. Beating Rag with the guild for the first time in WoW, listening to She Sells Sanctuary cruising down the strip on a hog at sunset in Vice City, running from a tiger while on fire only to fall of a cliff into the water and be eaten by a shark in FarCry 3, or (to show my age) using my lunch break to destroy anyone who dare face me in Mortal Kombat (1) in the arcade next to the food court - that's where I get my moments.

As much as I loved "Would you kindly", I'd still trade it for a Halo 3 4 player co-op hammer/plasma grenade elevator battle royal any day :)

(PS: I used to get an hour for lunch, used ten minutes to eat, and I left my quarter in machine more times than I counted)

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@brendan said:

@hamst3r: Your example doesn't clarify whether any of those videos were ad supported. There are a ton of fan videos on YouTube of gameplay footage uploaded by people who simply want to share their experiences (popularity of PS4 sharing) but the catch comes when those people turn on advertising and want to make money off their videos, or off of footage of games.

Does it have to? Edmund's simply saying that it was a benefit for him regardless. Looking at it any other way feels like your saying "I don't care about the money I just want to make sure no one else is making money off it".

Which is kinda worse than just caring about the money. Isn't it?

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With a few exceptions I'm really tempted to start at the top of this thread and watch/re-watch all these movies.

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Pulp fiction, Akira and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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Pink. Pink. You all stink.

See ya at the finish line losers.