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SNES was my first and it was awesome but 64 is my favourite. It's the blueprint that every Kart racer since has been built off of.

Wario Stadium 4 Life!

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Alright I gotta be totally honest.

I was never planning on getting Watch Dogs I was just hoping that Ubi would deep discount AC4 when it was released :P

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Like a boss!

I'd like to personally thank you, and all the other Wiki big-dogs, for your hard work. People can mince about the quality or content, or how broken the site is sometimes, but the Wiki aspect of Giant Bomb is an absolute treasure because of people like you :)

100,000 Thanks points!

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@sccdemir: The cover doesn't offend me in the same way that your "Jesus Christ people..." doesn't offend me.

However, millions of people worldwide are deeply offended by using the lord's name in vain so perhaps, as a bastion of empathy, you could consider editing your post?

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@sammo21 said:

I love discussions and dialogue about games, but reviews aren't necessary for me nor do they have a point.

Same here. I know it's a generalization but I feel 90% of professional reviewers out there are not looking for the same things I look for in a game. Most of the Watch Dogs reviews that I've read fit with this theory for me.

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This is another one of those games where when I read the lower scoring reviews the game loses points for things that just don't bother me. Story issues, repetitiveness and "gameyness" exist in almost all my favourite games (FarCry, Just Cause, The Saboteur, all the Assassin Creed games, etc).

After the whole Sleeping Dogs thing I personally would be most interested in hearing what Vinny thinks of it. Guess I'll go peep that Quick Look now.

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I assumed people were just mad cause he has the same haircut as Dante from the DmC reboot.

Gamers HATE that haircut.

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Rogue Legacy 2 and Galak-Z for PC?

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At the end of the day, for my tastes, FarCry nails gameplay as hard as any franchise I can think of. I loved 1, 2 and 3 so when I look at this cover all I see and really care about is this:

Huff and puff away, I'll be supporting it, and I'll be happy knowing that my wallet will most likely, once again, trump the outrage :)

For what it's worth, I think both versions are pretty bad.