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If a review does come out, and Ryan's doing it, I expect it to be torn a new one - and soundly at that.
Regardless, I don't really care. I'd like to play it but there's a real good chance of me never getting around to it.

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@KingBroly said:
" The unedited video puts the mod in a better light, but it basically sounded like he'd make it a personal vendetta to ban the kid (who deserved it) any time, any place. "
I gotta be honest, I probably wouldn't have what it takes to be one of their mods cause when I listened to the video all I can think of is how much worse it would've been if I was that moderator.
I see a vendetta driven, profanity packed blue streak fifty times more "unprofessional" than The Pro's. :P
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So what? Now were all super sympathic towards the filthy foul mouthed glitchers?
Just for the sake of attempting to take some XBL mod down a peg?
Everybody's skins suddenly get paper thin around here?
The fact is "his professionalism" wasn't what was being called into question by the player. He was being accused of being "corrupt" and "abusing his powers". Banning a cheater regardless of the manner in which he did it does not equal a corrupt abuse of power in my eyes.
Maybe next time he should dial down the drama and title the video "XBL Mod Acting Mildly Unprofessional". 

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@kashif1 said:
" do i just have really good luck with gamestops or is the hate overstated "
Yeah I think the hate has grown to unwarranted proportions. 
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Far Cry 2 and Viva Pinata.

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I played Conker's, that's it - and have no plans to play any others.

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@Shinri said:
" omfg guys, alan wake = a.wake = awake!  omfg!! "
S'funny cause I really like the name Alan Wake - but I really hate that connection.  :P
No surprise this is coming from the people that brought you Max Payne.
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All my anticipation is being used up by Just Cause 2 and Red Dead Redemption.

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I think Dave should just start doing his own podcast.
...or howzabout a Dave/Vinnie STALKER Endurance Run?

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I bought mine for LBP.
inFamous, Uncharted and Unchrted 2 would be what I consider the "must plays".
...I should really get around to playing Killzone 2 at some point.