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I hope Zipper get this thing together. I've played games in the past where it seemed once balance was lost, it became VERY VERY hard (see: impossible) to regain it through "development" means.
I gotta say no one's hopes for this game were lower than mine (well, maybe some total naysayer but whatever) and it seems like kind of a shame for them to get so much right only to be potentially sunk by game imbalance. Good luck.
Still on the fence :)

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 Oh, and lets all try to be honest here, should the producer of Home really be judging other people's actions?  ;)
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Maybe i'm missin something but that article, and the idea of PS3/PSP interoperability doesn't really give me a strong "exclusive" feeling?

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@FeatheredRainbows said:
16. Dawn of the dead 2004
Not as good as the original but still a decent film
As a massive fan of the original I might just consider this the best re-make ever. 
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" If everyone just went SVER if would kinda go against what the developers wanted from this game.

Yeah c'mon guys, apparently this is your responsibility as a buyer, not theirs as a developer.
...and here I was, silly me,  thinking the "BETA" was over.
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I had and still have a number of beefs and questions regarding the true value of the iPhone (or even the iPod for that matter) but the iPad?  I can dig that.
Now all I have to do is wait a few months for another company (one that charges reasonable prices, aka: anyone but Apple and Sony) to copy it and release it for half the price.

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Dying to see the PC numbers

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Usually just to skim through and then ignore.