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Man. This is tough. It's a tossup between the P4 and DP endurance runs with Backflips and Bioforge and UPF coming in close behind. But damn, the Souls content was great and Spookin' with Scoops and the BLOODY FLIGHT CLUB... I don't know if I can choose.

Anything with ample Vinny for the win.


Wait, I remembered.

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@patrickklepek I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on Possession. One of my favorite films and one of the most disturbing pieces of cinema ever created. Isabelle Adjani's infamous scene [no spoilers, you'll know it when it happens,] is powerful and disturbing and moving all at once. Incredible stuff.

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@charlie_victor_bravo: As I said, I have used my SSD and my normal harddrive for many of games and there is zero difference outside of the loading screens. That's it. I saw no jump in gameplay.

Agreed. I have Saints Row 3 on my SSD and while it loads nice and fast, the frame rate is unaffected. Actually, Saints Row 4 runs better on my regular hard drive. I wonder if its an optimization issue.

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I took a while to post on this thread. I have nothing to add. My sincerest condolences to Ryan's wife Anna; I cannot believe the pain you must be feeling. To Ryan's family, I am so sorry. I have no words. To the Giantbomb guys; feel immense pride in the legacy Ryan is leaving behind. He has informed the tone of the site in an amazing and original way and his content is here forever. His legacy will live on.

Ryan Davis, you will be missed.

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My sincerest condolences Patrick. I just heard about this today and my thoughts are with you and your family.

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Both, but for very different reasons.

Actually, I've been wondering if I should get Max Payne on the PC... that question makes it even harder.

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Yay! Diablo III!  And commenting for quests!
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Yay!  Possible [though unlikely,] free aliens!


Fallout 3 is the only game for which I've purchased all the DLC [with the exception of Zeta,] so I'll wind up with this somehow I'm sure.  But free would be the best way...