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Sure is jerks in here.  I believe American Apparel shirts are smaller. I'm somewhere between a L and XL closer to XL with normal shirts (L is too small, XL is sliiightly too big) so AA XL is perfect.  Just because XXXL might not fit some members doesn't make it ok to be a dickbag to them, tell them to loose weight tubby etc.  Nice to see the GB community so nice and compassionate to their fellow members. 
Really. Not everybody is the same size, and that's especially true for a typically sedentary hobby website.
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I bought a pretty expensive bike recently, and I'm feeling pretty bad about it even though I enjoy riding it.

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gonna kill all the fun: NONE! because i'm a vegetarian.
I came here to say this.
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I used to yell and rage hard, now I just turn off the game and go on Giant Bomb.

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Yep, sounds like another Call of Duty. I didn't buy Black Ops, and I highly doubt I'll be buying this. It seems as though the mentality for the first person shooter market is "let's see how many times we can make the exact same game before people stop buying them." A little innovation never hurt, and when the "one truly new thing" in the game is being able to switch between scopes on the fly that doesn't bode well.
People can't keep buying these games forever... Right?

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I used to play in third person, but I've been using the hood cam in Dirt 3 and I'm starting to like it more than third person. If I'm doing the gymkhana or drifting stuff, I feel like I need to see exactly what my car is doing though. 
 At first I really disliked the gymkhana and drifting, but it's starting to grow on me, probably until the next time I hit a gymkhana event.

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My backlog just keeps on growing. I'm set for many a gaming drought. 

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Kind of a misleading title...

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It seems like a majority, if not all of the courses are available from the start of the game. I'm pretty sure you just have to play the Dirt Tour to unlock cars and liveries.
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The menus are pretty, but going through them gets old quickly.