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Getting a full, AAA game on release is sort of silly. I'm sort of glad that they changed their intention with PS Plus Edition; I'd rather see Driveclub stand on its own as a proper release rather than nothing more than a PS Plus freebie (like Contrast).

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That final celebration scene is the most bizarre thing. I didn't really understand what was being celebrated. I destroyed some black heart thing that didn't seem like a big deal (just another inconsequential boss in the long succession of boss things to kill), then people were super happy. Way more happy then they were about all my previous efforts. It feels like Bungie playtested the final sequence, was given the response of 'that doesn't feel like an ending,' then haphazardly threw together the most inoffensive and generic closing to a piece of action-oriented narrative.

Now excuse me while I log into to see if I can fumble around with these dumb cards to contextualize why I shot some robot things a bunch of times.

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Smite gets my vote. It's a fun action romp that is completely refreshing without straying too far from the fundamentals of the genre. You can play more traditional lane modes, or you can go for all out 5v5 Arena (which is what I do most of the time). Honestly, I think it's the best MOBA out there next to DOTA2. You can also purchase full access to the entire hero catalogue (effectively unlocking 100% of the 'playing' part of the game) for $30--a complete steal when you compare it to the pricing standards of the genre.

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@deathstriker: If carrots on sticks don't matter to you, you shouldn't be bothered by the length of the stick. Gear only gates you from the raiding scene and higher difficulty levels for content that you already have access to; I guess I just don't see why you're complaining unless you happen to really want to do raiding.

If you don't want to play Destiny like an MMO, I'd say that Destiny isn't for you. There's plenty in this game that straddles the line between traditional console shooter and traditional MMO. I mean, the game has reputation grinding, raid lockouts, and very arbitrary gold sinks for the economy.

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@deathstriker: @ #4: God no. Please no. The only reason this game has legs is because of the slowed gear progression. Shortening gear progression would turn Destiny into a weekend playthrough that you sell back to Gamestop after a couple short sessions.

My own responses:

  1. Add a Codex-like UI to the game so that we can explore the Grimoire lore within the game.
  2. Change the engram system so that they cannot be identified as rarities lower than the Engram itself (no more greens from legendary engrams). I don't care if they need to rebalance the droprates... it's disheartening to have a whiff of a legendary engram.
  3. Daily and weekly challenges should have matchmaking. I understand why raids do not, but I'd love to actually complete those with randoms.
  4. I'd prefer to have more synchronous PVE bounties. Have 5 Moon-themed bounties, then have 5 Mars-themed bounties the next day. Just make the daily bounty experience faster and more concise.
  5. Global indicators for events. If I'm off in Skywatch, I'd like to know if there's an event going on in the Mothyards.
  6. Flesh out existing planets with free content rather than add additional planets. I'd rather have the exciting new feeling of seeing Pluto and Saturn with Destiny 2, but there are still parts of The Tower and the Cosmodrome that feel gated off. I want a complete planet experience before we start devoting exhaustive resources toward other spaces.
  7. I'd like Heroic/scaled planet spaces. It sort of sucks going to Earth and one-shotting everything at level 25; I'd like to be amongst my other 20+ Guardians, fighting actual fights. As you become more and more geared, these social bubble spaces become more and more trivialized; it's sort of the only part of the game that doesn't scale with difficulty options.
  8. Quality of life stuff that the game should have launched with. Skippable cutscenes, proper audio options, more social features, actual clan support within the game, etc..
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Ya, you'll see a new experience bar under your profile. It isn't your XP 'till your next Mote of Light; it's actually your Light progress toward your next level--only increasing when higher ranks of Light-infused gear are equipped.

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Dislike/Avoid: Alt-F1, Worth Reading/Playing, 8-4, wrestling, and I usually skip Unprofessional Fridays because they tend to veer into really obscure video game niches that do nothing for me.

Love/Watch: Quicklooks (all), Bombcast, Bombing the AM, Spookin', and these more recent Dan features (Warcraft, Metal Gear).

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@creamy_pixels said:

It makes me worry how much content the game really has... 3 player classes, 4 enemy classes and only 5 maps?

General reply: by situating the game between the MMORPG and FPS genres, I think Bungie has really sort of fucked themselves with player expectation. If Destiny was framed as a traditional first-person shooter, I think it would be bulging with content. I'm sort of approaching Destiny as another Halo game with a 6-10 hour campaign, lots of PVE replayability, and a really solid multiplayer offering. They seem poised to continuously update the game with new content and events, but I'm going to remain skeptical as to whether or not this will be enough to hook people.

To this specific quote:

  • Destiny, more accurately, has 6 classes (6 skill trees / 6 sets of abilities)
    • Titan
      • Striker
      • Guardian
    • Warlock
      • Voidwalker
      • Sunsinger
    • Hunter
      • Bladedancer
      • Gunslinger
  • Four enemy factions (with numerous types; note: this does not include unique bosses):
    • Cabal
      • Centurion
      • Colossus
      • Legionary
      • Psion
      • Phalanx
    • Fallen
      • Captain
      • Dreg
      • Vandal
    • Hive
      • Knight
      • Ogre
      • Thrall
      • Acolyte
      • Wizard
    • Vex
      • Goblin
      • Harpy
      • Hobgoblin
      • Hydra
      • Minotaur
  • Four open world spaces, technically. Mars, Earth, Moon, Venus. You could argue that there are other unique spaces like the Tower, the Strikes, the Vault of Glass and the multiplayer maps. The Reef, despite being a location on the map, seems to be another non-combat space like the Tower.
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Loved the alpha, really enjoyed the beta. I'm not hyped up, but I'm certainly looking forward to the release.

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Never noticed. Then again, swearing isn't something I notice. They're just words, and most people are too sensitive about it (unless, you know, kids are involved).