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Oblivion. It came out at the perfect time in my life.

Fallout 3 was way too directed for my liking; I'm part of the New Vegas camp of Fallout fans: that game is totally way better.

Skyrim certainly moved the series forward in a few notable ways (aesthetics and combat in particular). But it also dropped the ball in too many ways; they completely stripped the soul away from two of my favourite things about Oblivion: potion crafting and spellcrafting. More than that, it completely fucked up guilds. They were both severely derivative and wholly worse than in their predecessor. The civil war stuff was also one of the most underwhelming quest chains in the series.

This is my list (I've finished every game, with well over 60-80 hours in each):

  1. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  2. Fallout: New Vegas (not technically a Bethesda RPG though)
  3. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  4. Fallout 3
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Here I thought that this was a thread about 'Press X to Pay Your Respects.' Talk about one of the most jarring, tone-deaf references that I've experienced recently. It completely took me out of one of the most integral sequences in the game.

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Harley's animation work was great and tons of fun. As mentioned, her HUD was also clever. But other than those two notably positive points, the DLC was extremely underwhelming. I hope their follow-up Gotham City Stories deliver more meaningful content.

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  • Lots of content
  • Big, open environments that span many different locations
  • Great cast of characters
  • Romance arcs that amount to much more than a single 'payoff' scene. They're woven into the entire main story thread.
  • Occasional moments of narrative brilliance.
  • Subjectively speaking, I really like the art direction and tarot card aesthetic.


  • Too much content. The whole thing feels terribly padded.
  • "Content" is almost always combat. The prior two games (especially the first one) perfectly blended and balanced combat, dialogue, exploration, and puzzle solving.
  • The combat is significantly less responsive than the previous game (DAII). Sure, there's a tactical mode, but engaging in the mode moves combat forward a second or two. Then navigating the tactical mode is a goddamn nightmare. Everything feels clunky and just unresponsive enough to leave you praying that everything plays out as you had set up.
  • The RPG mechanics are a mess. Crafting, resource-gathering, the skill trees... they all feel very unrefined. Gathering is too grindy, crafting is too archaic, and the skill trees severely lack balance and cohesion.
  • The "loop" is not streamlined enough, especially with regard to Skyhold. Having to go out into the field, mark stuff, then come back to the war table to "clear" obstacles feels shitty. Having to wait hours (real-time) for stuff to get done via the war table is not at all fun either. Why does an in-depth, hardcore RPG franchise need to be mobile-gamed? Find a new resource and want to see what it does in a crafted recipe? Well, you've got to sift through at least three loading screens.
  • The main story arc, particularly the second half, is awful. Filled to the brim with fantasy cliches and predictable plot motions. The whole thing ends so abruptly and unsatisfactorily.

I enjoyed the first two games more. By the end of my 76-hour run, I was dying for the experience to be over, and I never want to touch that game again. Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II? I replay those all the time.

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I hated the half-season of The Wire that I watched. It just felt cheap, and not in terms of production values. A lot of the writing was just lazy shock-value and disgustingly-forced 'edgy' swearing. I adore modern day big-budget TV dramas, and I don't think that The Wire fits in with most of the great television out there today.

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Bloodborne is the worst Souls game. I'll agree to that. The build variety is a real bummer. By far the most disappointing aspect of the game, and is the game's key flaw. There's no point having archaic, deep RPG systems if they do not enable the build variety that the series is known for. What Bloodborne is, from an RPG standpoint, is an overly complicated mess of terminologies, stats and mechanics that amounts to absolutely nothing. It just adds complication for complication's sake.

I do not agree with the rest of your complaints. The only time that the art direction missteps is moving from Central Yharnam to the Cathedral Ward. There just isn't enough aesthetic variety between the two areas. I also do not agree with your weapon criticism. See, the advantage of using heavy weapons like Ludwig is the stagger. They have the most reliable stagger in the game. They attack frequently enough that you can basically stunlock most mobs in the game. Ludwig's can even stunlock the massive pigs and most small bosses. By contrast, the only reliable stagger that the axe has is it's R2; the extended form increases stagger chance, but is so unreliable that you should never gamble with it.

Even 'okay' Souls is still some of the best gaming out there. Honestly, I think the general feeling that I got from your post is that Miyazaki has spoiled you with his previous games (and Dark Souls 2).

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Martyr Logarias, Ebrietas and the final boss (Gerhman) are all more difficult than Rom. Just poke at the spiders and dodge when he uses spells. When the spiders are dead, beat the shit out of him. Repeat.

On my first playthrough, I skipped the spiders entirely. I just beat the shit out of him while keeping the spiders on the other side of his body; he basically body-blocked them from me. I wouldn't recommend this strategy though. The positioning of the spiders and his use of spells is too unpredictable for this to work every time.

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Not right now, but I'll definitely be picking this up at some point. I've been on such a Soulsian binge lately. I went through Dark Souls, most of Demon's Souls, Lords of the Fallen, and Bloodborne within a couple months. That said, Souls games are exhausting, and a dumb ARPG romp through Borderlands and Diablo 3 sounds like the perfect palette cleanser before revisiting Dark Souls 2.

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I feel like their self-healing and stupidly large health bars make them artificially difficult in the laziest ways possible. They aren't fun, they don't add much, and I'd much rather bring back the phantoms from previous games.