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Each storyline will be ending at a different point in the series.

  • King's Landing: end of Book 3
  • The Wall: end of Book 3
  • The North (Bolton/Theon): middle of Book 5
  • Greyjoy: end of Book 3
  • Stannis: end of Book 3
  • Daenerys: middle of Book 5
  • Sansa: end of Book 3
  • Arya: end of Book 3
  • Bran: toward the end of Book 5 (the furthest ahead of all storylines)
  • Brienne: early in Book 4

This is based on shot-by-shot breakdowns of the promotional material, casting news, and personal speculation. I can justify most of these.

Book 4 isn't covered a whole lot this season because most of the characters featured in that book are in the main portion of the land (King's Landing, the Vale, the Riverlands). The main portion of Westeros is ending at Book 3 this season.

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@smokeyd123: Royal Rat Authority, Executioner Chariot, Looking Glass Knight, The Duke's Dear Freja...

Royal Rat Authority is the worst case of this IMO. You have so little time to deal with toxic-causing mobs before the boss ruins your day. I die before I even get a chance to fight the boss proper.

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Lumines. It was like a drug that wouldn't leave me alone.

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Dishonored is a stealth game. It may not be the most 'hardcore stealth sim,' but it had some of the best (3D) stealth mechanics and level design of recent memory. The newest Splinter Cell game supported a third-person shooter playstyle; it was also a stealth game (and a good one at that).

If one of the core flows to the game involves paying close mind to AI movement patterns, intricate aspects of the level design, and methodically weaving your way around those two things... I'd say that it's a stealth game.

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Ringabel. But the narrative has completely lost me; there's too much storytelling, and too much of it is completely forgettable. I've been skipping cutscenes wholesale left, right and center.

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Psychonauts would only work if it was funded as an episodic game (with only the first episode or two being funded in the initial run). It would simply cost too much.

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It sounds like you're missing a lot of the more nuanced intermediate strategies to DOTA2 play. The fact that you basically argue that Recall and TP scrolls are the same is evidence of this (TP scrolls are a vital resource in DOTA2 that allow you to counter ganks, save/deny towers, and immediately engage in teamfights on the other side of the map; more than that, TP scrolls take up a valuable piece of inventory space--a decision that becomes more and more relevant as the game progresses toward the vital 'midgame').

I don't think that any MOBA can be judged without 100+ games played (alongside some spectating experience).

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Another fantastic episode.

The only problem is the Beauty/Beast stuff. Everything about that last scene felt forced. She didn't need to be there; he didn't need to be there; the conflict didn't need to be there; the forced quick-time fight didn't need to be there.

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I enjoyed XCOM, but fell in love with Awakening (both are my first 'serious' experiences in this genre).

You've solved your issue: you're playing too aggressively. The most important thing about defensively positioning yourself is that it allows you to carefully manage your relationship developments and their bonuses. While initial relationship bonuses are nothing notable, later developments are basically game-breaking. The more they fight next to each other - the more their relationship develops - the more they'll fight better together.

You start seeing double counter-attacks (if a guy attacks one of your side-by-side relationships, both units will retaliate and probably kill him). You start seeing much higher chances to block 100% of the damage made against a character.

The game is also an RPG. You seem to struggling with this idea. You can log in each day and do daily battles to get a leg up on your upcoming main missions. There is certainly a metagame here, and it's important to learn the intricacies at play.

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Not showing the game off publicly means that it either a) isn't polished to the standard that they are happy with, or b) isn't in-line with their public PR campaign.

Either way, this is intentional and people should respect that. There is an exhaustive list of games out there that were overexposed years before release and this overexposure has lead to negative public perception as development progressed (classic example being Fable/Project Ego; more recent examples being the Watch_Dogs mediocre Summer 2013 showings, or the Broken Age 'half game' drama).