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I'm predicting during the GOTY deliberation podcasts, worst trend goes to "Unfinished Games"

Never forget November 2014.

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I hate everything about it. Well, aside from the concept (Sci-fi Civ sounds lovely).

  • Aesthetically, the game looks like garbage. It's bland, it lacks polish, it feels cheap.
  • The UI needs a ton of work, and relies way too heavily on iconography.
  • The tech web is a neat idea, but feels far too aimless and unintuitive.
  • The non-combat route is shallow and unengaging; the lack of (meaningful) culture and religious input hurts this aspect the most.
  • Stations feel like a half-baked idea.
  • The lack of historical grounding hurts the game in so many ways. It makes everything less intuitive (predicting AI, having a reference point for nations, having a reference point for technology, etc.). It also impacts a lot of Civ's "historical fan fiction" charm; the idea of a modern military formed under the leadership of Genghis Khan...
  • Sponsors are nowhere near as interesting (or plentiful) as their Civilization counterparts.

What do I like? Iunno, the espionage stuff is cool, the early game is slightly more interesting, and I think miasma is a cool mechanic. I'm not a hardcore fan of the genre, but this game was a pretty huge disappointment. Playing it makes me want to turn it off and play a better Civ game.

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Halo is all about the combat sandbox, in both multiplayer and against the great campaign AI.

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I own all next-gen consoles (WiiU, PS4, Xbox One). So far, the Xbox One has done the least to justify the purchase. The PS4 is sort of the better platform for multiplatform gaming (better UI, better performance/resolution, higher value service, better controller); it also has a much snappier Netflix app. That said, the Xbox One has a couple pros. The recent addition of DLNA support is lovely, and the rest of the arsenal of multimedia features are comprehensive and (generally) excellent. While there is very little worth owning on the Xbox One right now (Forza Horizon and D4 being the only notable exclusives), there is a fair bit of promise in the future.

You could probably list just as many exclusive titles worth owning on the PS4, so you'll have to decide for yourself if the contents of this list are worth the price of admission. The PS4 is the leaner, but better next-gen gaming experience; the Xbox One, by contrast, is a bloated experience that has yet to really justify itself to gamers specifically.

If I were to recommend two consoles this generation, I would recommend the WiiU and PS4. Both have done a much better job justifying the price. WiiU, in particular, has the best catalogue of exclusive content.

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Dark Souls is too oppressive (mechanically, visually, etc.). Dark Souls II eases up on a lot of that oppression, adds more visual diversity, and just makes the whole experience of being in that world more enjoyable. Is it less cohesive? Yes, but it's still a world I'd much rather be in.

I'm not an expert so I can't comment on the quality of the combat. Both games felt similar enough for me not to notice any nuanced differences. That said, I much preferred a lot of the more peripheral system choices in Dark Souls II (teleporting from the start, the new durability system, etc.).

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God that poll sucks. It's far too reductive. If a game is 1080p/60, that's a pretty significant bonus, but not enough of one to sway my purchase in any meaningful way. If a multiplatform title runs better on a particular console, I'll probably pick up the better performing copy.

1080p is pretty insignificant, but can certainly add to the aesthetic of something. 60fps is a completely different thing; 60fps can make or break certain genres (character action games, fighting games, etc.). If there is a lot of fast-moving action on the screen that requires precise player input, 60fps is a huge boon. A 60fps Ninja Gaiden feels completely different from a 30fps Ninja Gaiden.

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@ichthy said:

I tried out the demo and it's not really clicking with me. I think it mostly has to do with the controls not feeling quite as satisfying on the 3DS, which is a shame because I really like everything else about the game.

I recommend continuing to give it a shot. My initial impression was mixed as well, but once I got the hang of the controls, it transitioned into the thing that has taken over my lunch breaks. I just wish there was a second, larger level available in the demo (the Battlefield map has always felt a bit too claustrophobic for my liking).

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Getting a full, AAA game on release is sort of silly. I'm sort of glad that they changed their intention with PS Plus Edition; I'd rather see Driveclub stand on its own as a proper release rather than nothing more than a PS Plus freebie (like Contrast).

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That final celebration scene is the most bizarre thing. I didn't really understand what was being celebrated. I destroyed some black heart thing that didn't seem like a big deal (just another inconsequential boss in the long succession of boss things to kill), then people were super happy. Way more happy then they were about all my previous efforts. It feels like Bungie playtested the final sequence, was given the response of 'that doesn't feel like an ending,' then haphazardly threw together the most inoffensive and generic closing to a piece of action-oriented narrative.

Now excuse me while I log into to see if I can fumble around with these dumb cards to contextualize why I shot some robot things a bunch of times.

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Smite gets my vote. It's a fun action romp that is completely refreshing without straying too far from the fundamentals of the genre. You can play more traditional lane modes, or you can go for all out 5v5 Arena (which is what I do most of the time). Honestly, I think it's the best MOBA out there next to DOTA2. You can also purchase full access to the entire hero catalogue (effectively unlocking 100% of the 'playing' part of the game) for $30--a complete steal when you compare it to the pricing standards of the genre.