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@ares42: If you aren't playing online, you're only getting the worst parts of the experience in my opinion. I'm not sure if you're getting the Journey-like random player encounters without Plus, but that really adds a lot to the open world exploration for me. The Strike missions are fucking great; they almost perfectly blend traditional MMO dungeon/RPG design with Halo coop missions. All of this comes together in the multiplayer mode where you bring back all your favourite looted guns for competitive play (your loot acquisition in multiplayer is pretty lackluster--you're encouraged to scavenge the world for new gear). For me, the most impressive thing about the game is that it harmoniously brings all these things together--something that you apparently feel the opposite about.

@wemibelec90: I completely agree. I wish they spent more time introducing each of the enemy factions as distinct entities. It feels like they've set up a fantastic backstory and 'background lore,' but struggle materializing it for players to enjoy. I understand that they want to keep swapping around enemies for variety's sake, but they use The Hive and The Fallen almost interchangeably in early missions. If it weren't for a couple three-way conflicts, I would have thought that they were allies.

In Bungie's defence, these early portions of the game aren't trying to tackle lofty, heavy narrative beats. Your character is just trying to survive and establish a rudimentary infrastructure for the rest of the journey. It isn't that they're trying and failing, it's that they aren't trying to begin with. They desperately need a bit more of a narrative hook in this prologue experience, then they can briefly wander back into this infrastructure business.

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Big change for me between alpha and beta is that the multiplayer finally "clicked" with me. It doesn't feel like a clumsy mess anymore, and I really fucking like it.

Two things that continue to bother me:

  • Devil Walkers have way too much health
  • Vehicles need some massive retuning in multiplayer

Some new quibbles:

  • Handcanon is fucking useless in PVP
  • No way to customize your character after creation (sub-point: why are there no beards? D:)
  • Alternate landing locations for explorable would be great
  • Loot seems too arbitrary. It seems like smaller fellows are more likely to drop loot than even the big bosses. I don't know about you, but I like my bosses to explode into goodies when I put them down... not some random grunt.

I pre-ordered the fancy digital edition, and I'm really happy. This is easily my most anticipated game of the year after first playing the alpha. With the new (albeit limited) looks at Mars, Venus and other locations on Earth, I'm super pumped to see those aesthetics in more explorable modes. :D

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Like most people in this thread, my answer is DOTA 2. There is enough game there to last me a lifetime; if it wasn't for my cultural curiousity, I don't think I'd even bother playing other video games.

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I've been growing really tired of GTA clones lately. I just don't know if the narrative or the hacking will spice up that formula enough to make it an enjoyable experience for me, personally.

I imagine you'll see a 10 hour campaign, 20 additional hours of side stuff to do, and some tacked on multiplayer content; does that sound like a solid value proposition? Probably. I just don't expect Ubisoft to vary up the mission structure enough or line the content with compelling writing (the lead writer certainly doesn't have the greatest pedigree).

You're better served grabbing Transistor and/or The Last of Us, I'd imagine. That said, we're really light on AAA titles until the Fall, so maybe this is the perfect thing to wet your big-budget noodle until then.

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DOTA2... like, 5 minutes ago. "Played" (as in, singleplayer, 'consumed' experience) would be Dark Souls 2.

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Each storyline will be ending at a different point in the series.

  • King's Landing: end of Book 3
  • The Wall: end of Book 3
  • The North (Bolton/Theon): middle of Book 5
  • Greyjoy: end of Book 3
  • Stannis: end of Book 3
  • Daenerys: middle of Book 5
  • Sansa: end of Book 3
  • Arya: end of Book 3
  • Bran: toward the end of Book 5 (the furthest ahead of all storylines)
  • Brienne: early in Book 4

This is based on shot-by-shot breakdowns of the promotional material, casting news, and personal speculation. I can justify most of these.

Book 4 isn't covered a whole lot this season because most of the characters featured in that book are in the main portion of the land (King's Landing, the Vale, the Riverlands). The main portion of Westeros is ending at Book 3 this season.

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@smokeyd123: Royal Rat Authority, Executioner Chariot, Looking Glass Knight, The Duke's Dear Freja...

Royal Rat Authority is the worst case of this IMO. You have so little time to deal with toxic-causing mobs before the boss ruins your day. I die before I even get a chance to fight the boss proper.

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Lumines. It was like a drug that wouldn't leave me alone.

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Dishonored is a stealth game. It may not be the most 'hardcore stealth sim,' but it had some of the best (3D) stealth mechanics and level design of recent memory. The newest Splinter Cell game supported a third-person shooter playstyle; it was also a stealth game (and a good one at that).

If one of the core flows to the game involves paying close mind to AI movement patterns, intricate aspects of the level design, and methodically weaving your way around those two things... I'd say that it's a stealth game.

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Ringabel. But the narrative has completely lost me; there's too much storytelling, and too much of it is completely forgettable. I've been skipping cutscenes wholesale left, right and center.