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I haven't played in months but id love to try the multiplayer

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Yes I have. It was this year, actually. I was at Walmart with my girlfriend and we were buying condoms. We just got done having dinner and I had to piss really bad! So I walk into the bathroom(with a box of condoms I might add) and notice there were no urinals! When it hit me where I was a stall door opens and here comes a woman. We stopped and stared at each other for what felt like hours... I apologize and walk out of the bathroom. I was greeted by the sound of my girlfriend laughing at me....

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I've been a long time Metal Gear fan since the original on nes, and have completed every single game(yes this includes ghost babel and the ac!d series). Now as I've gotten older my interest in most games have definitely decreased over time, but I was very excited for MGS5. That is, until this E3 when I learned it has a lot of the same mechanics as Peace Walker with the base building and pokemon-like mercenary collecting.

Peace walker is easily my least favorite game in the series, mainly for the micromanaging aspects of the game, so this recent news has killed a lot of hype for the only game I've look forward to in years. I just want to know peoples thoughts on that aspect of Peace Walker and how they think it will be incorporated into MGS5.

Sorry if this is worded strangely I'm typing this on my iPhone cause I don't actually own a working PC and haven't for 3 years now. :p

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If you'd like me to teach you the basics I wouldn't mind. Do you have a mic? My psn is protoino

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To those suggesting Demon souls/dark souls I have actually given the series a shot and got semi back into gaming for awhile. But sadly I crashed out on that too... ive been meaning to give monster hunter a shot, but I have no platforms to play it on. My girlfriend does have a 3ds so I might give it a shot on there.

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I've been playing videogames for as long as I can remember and for a very long time it was my number one hobby by far. But, one day it just stopped... Games just stop clicking with me and I have an incredibly hard time playing ANY game for more than 20 minutes at a time without feeling completely bored and uninterested. I can honestly say it started with Skyrim, but I don't really understand why. When the game first came out I LOVED it and was having a great time playing it, but one day I popped the game in and just lost all interest and to this day I still haven't completed it.

Ever since then I just can't get excited for a game or play games for long stretches of time. This is completely bizarre to me because I used to marathon games for 5-6 hours at a time and now I can't play more than 20 minutes without feeling like Im forcing myself.... This is incredibly depressing to me because I feel like Im slowly losing a small part of my childhood(that sounds ridiculous I know).

All that side, I want to know if anyone has any advice to remedy this gaming slump I'm going through right now. I've tried taking a break from games all together and even tried branching out to different genres to spice things up and nothing seems to work... Am I just growing out of gaming all together?

I have a ton of other hobbies that bring me joy, but I just miss the fun I used to have playing games.

Sorry that this is poorly written... I've never been great at expressing my thoughts into words... :(

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Depends how I'm feelining. One day I might wear a plain v neck some jeans and J's... other days ill wear a dress shirt, jeans and dress shoes. Just depends how I'm feeling. As shallow as it is I care a lot about how I'm dressed

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I never broke down. I feel sad for his family and friends and liked the guy a lot, but I cant just break down for someone I don't know personally. I'm not that type of person.

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@Napalm said:

@fiftiethmitch said:

Street Fighter [...] series could use a reboot in the same fashion?

Have you been living under a rock for the past five years?

Yea, what do you think made fighting games relevant again?

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@falserelic: @falserelic said:

@NTM said:

@falserelic: I added a little more to it, and I mentioned that only if it were subtle changes. The levels can't be changed as a whole 'cause that's ruining the setting in a way. I mean, you can add a room here and there, but it shouldn't be tampered with in a way that it makes it unrecognizable to previous MGS fans. That's all.

I understand. They don't have to take out the levels. But I felt like they could have added more, or done something to make them feel different. I've played the original MGS games alot when I was a kid. That when I played twin snakes everything felt very familiar, and I was able to beat the game fast.

Are you crazy? The changed the gameplay a lot.. Hell just adding the FPS mechanic from MGS2 was a huge change...

Game was trashy for other reasons though...

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