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So basically me and some friends have this weekly movie night and since next week is Halloween and all, we decided on a horror movie which I get to choose.

Now here are the caveats: Nothing super crazy (Martyrs, Antichrist etc.) but also nothing that induces too much dread (like House of the Devil). Maybe more Cabin in the Woods level if that makes sense.

My current thoughts are either the recent Evil Dead (which I felt was kinda fun horror), Coherence (haven't seen but heard great things about) or Horns (out on VOD and looks fun).

I'm open to any and all recommendations, hopefully you guys and gals can help me out.

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97.1 Million.

I'm hoping it will beat Thor 2 and it's 85 Mil opening, but I have no idea how much America likes or dislikes the character regardless of his patriotic name. I'm sure it'll get a big bump over the first thanks to the Avengers and I'm certain it won't hit Iron Man levels but with all the super positive buzz around this one one can hope.

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The good thing about the scimitar is that once you clear out Sen's and get to Anor Londo is that at +10, you can use Quelaag's soul (if you haven't cashed it in yet) to make Quelaag's Furysword at the Giant Blacksmith. B Dex Scaling isn't that bad and the fire damage makes S&O much more manageable.

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Steam ID: PointMan

Server: US East

Skill: Average

Role: 1 and 3

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@xxNBxx: In that price range, I'd say go with the HD 7870 which you can find around $230.

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I haven't played a ton of this year's games but when you are going through the airport in Max Payne 3 and all of a sudden this starts to play.

It was amazing and rivals the Far Away and Compass moments from Red Dead Redemption.

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I really hope they don't ban us all for this but I did get Dragon Age 2 and Burnout Paradise for free, so that's cool.

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Keyboard and Mouse it is then.

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Having more people on the leaderboard would be awesome.

ID: ProjektGill

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It would be awesome if there is a super hidden easter egg in Arkham City that blatantly points to the direction of this game. I still remember being blown away by how long it took the community to find the hidden room in Arkham Asylum.