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Having more people on the leaderboard would be awesome.

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It would be awesome if there is a super hidden easter egg in Arkham City that blatantly points to the direction of this game. I still remember being blown away by how long it took the community to find the hidden room in Arkham Asylum.

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Red Faction: Guerilla also came out around E3 and that game was pretty awesome.

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If you want a iPhone, you really should wait for the iPhone 5 later this year. If you want an Android go with the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3 or the new HTC One X but beware, they are large phones.

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Wow, that's pushing it back really far. I was actually excited for this movie with the addition of The Rock and Bruce Willis but I guess it makes sense to grab that extra 3-D ticket money even if the 3-D will likely be shit.

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For your needs, a 13" Air seems like a great fit and it's comfortably at your budget but I'm not a fan of the Apple Ecosystem. You would be crazy to lug around that 9 pound beast that is being suggested above if you have a decent desktop.

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So it seems that by buying this Special Edition, it essentially includes their version of the season pass. I guess the rest of the stuff can be valued at about $10 which I'd rather save because it doesn't sound too interesting. I wish more games would include Making Of's like the Halo 3 Special Edition or that cool God of War leads panel in the HD collection.

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I think more awesome Concept Art looking things should be used as cover art. I guess sometimes it sets up unrealisticly high goals for the game's actual graphics but most do sure look nice.

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Huh, I thought Amalur sold relatively well. I guess the insane amount of talent at the studio and the years spent on the game must have cost a hell of a lot of money.