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If you want a iPhone, you really should wait for the iPhone 5 later this year. If you want an Android go with the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3 or the new HTC One X but beware, they are large phones.

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Wow, that's pushing it back really far. I was actually excited for this movie with the addition of The Rock and Bruce Willis but I guess it makes sense to grab that extra 3-D ticket money even if the 3-D will likely be shit.

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For your needs, a 13" Air seems like a great fit and it's comfortably at your budget but I'm not a fan of the Apple Ecosystem. You would be crazy to lug around that 9 pound beast that is being suggested above if you have a decent desktop.

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So it seems that by buying this Special Edition, it essentially includes their version of the season pass. I guess the rest of the stuff can be valued at about $10 which I'd rather save because it doesn't sound too interesting. I wish more games would include Making Of's like the Halo 3 Special Edition or that cool God of War leads panel in the HD collection.

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I think more awesome Concept Art looking things should be used as cover art. I guess sometimes it sets up unrealisticly high goals for the game's actual graphics but most do sure look nice.

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Huh, I thought Amalur sold relatively well. I guess the insane amount of talent at the studio and the years spent on the game must have cost a hell of a lot of money.

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I think what IGN is trying to do with their Start channel is great.

IGN has seemed to have this revolving door mentality where editors would either get laid off or leave right when readers were beginning to get to know them and with these new shows, they are able to give their site a bit more personality (other than what you can get from the podcasts).

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My laptop came out 2-3 years before the "i" series of processors were even available so if you think you have a low spec PC, I don't even know what to call mine.

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When the trailer was talking about him before he became the Ghost of Sparta, I was hoping that they would make this an RTS for the VITA where you command the armies of Sparta.