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When the trailer was talking about him before he became the Ghost of Sparta, I was hoping that they would make this an RTS for the VITA where you command the armies of Sparta.

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Valve has been giving out beta passes like crazy these days. I've played about 80 hours (which is kind of low compared to much of the Dota 2 community) and I've already given out 4 passes and I just got 2 more passes last week so just PM me if you want one.

And for those who really want a pass and don't end up getting them in this giveaway, I direct you guys towards r/sharedota2 where tons of passes are given out daily.

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I hope they end up doing an awesome job with the multiplayer because ever since I burned out on Call of Duty and after Reach was kind of a let down, I've been waiting for a good console shooter.

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Oh god, I could totally see Michael Fassbender as Razor if they decide to keep the character.

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God damn it. I was just about to post a thread with this title and you went ahead and made one 9 hours ago. Oh well.

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Edit: Blizzard announces their new iOS game Starcraft: Supply Depot 2 (some great jabs at both Valve and Bioware), their new line of Educational games, and their competitor to the Tamagotchi

And for E-Sports fans Complexity announces that they shutting down all their teams to focus on the mobile gaming scene (this is a jab at the World Cyber Games who are actually cutting every game from their tournament except for mobile game)

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Valve is really pulling out all the stops on the voice cast for DOTA2 which is kind of crazy considering that it's a MOBA. Then again, it's fucking impressive the amount of care that is going into a game that people will play for the competitiveness of the gameplay and not the quality of the VO even though Valve will be selling announcer packs for each character so I guess some people will care about that stuff.

Also Jon St.John is currently voicing 4 characters (my personal favourite line) and Tony Todd is voicing 3 which is crazy.

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When that game comes out, I will still only play variations of Mono.

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I never did finish that game. All I remember is just flying around the world gathering the legendary weapons and going to the secret dungeons but never committing to the "no-turning-back-now point" even though I'm fairly sure I could 2 shot the final bosses. One day I'll finish it and then play more than 45 minutes of X-2.

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Chip-in seems like a relatively safe platform to donate through. When the Tested guys did Oktoberkast, they set it up so the money would go directly to Child's Play when people donated through the widget. But people should probably check in with Child's Play themselves before donating.

Then again, this whole idea seems really stupid. Bioware isn't going to change the ending and as Jeff stated on Twitter, all this is going to do is bring more exposure to their game. If you want to donate to Child's Play, do it because you like what the charity does and not because of the off chance that this is somehow going to get Bioware to change the game.