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I've made a lot of bad decisions buying games over the past few years. I was able to fix most of them via quick trade-ins but many stuck.

  • I bought Midnight Club 2 and hated it so I traded that in for James Bond: Everything or Nothing
  • Bought Ninja Gaiden 2 and severely underestimated my skill and refused to spam Flying Swallow so I traded that in for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
  • Bought a Gamecube and Super Mario Sunshine. Despite being pretty fun, I ended up returning it for a PS2 and MGS 2.

The only lasting games that I hate having around are Rise to Honor (which is a dumb game that I got because I liked Jet Li), SOCOM: Combined Assault (super disappointing after SOCOM 3) and SSX: On Tour (fun but not near the level of SSX 3 and Tricky).

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I live in Canada and a year or so ago was one of the weirdest moments because I was talking to a guy in Starcraft 2 and I said I live in Ontario to which he replied "CA?" and I said "Yup" because I assumed by CA he meant Canada. Turns out there is a city named Ontario in California which is abbreviated to CA. It confused the hell out of me.

Other than that, I'm pretty good with the US states and cities but I literally know nothing about other close by countries. I just looked up Mexico and it turns out it has 31 states and a Federal District, so there is that....

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All this Kony 2012 shit that is going around is making me sick. Maybe it's all the circle-jerking that is going on various social media sites or just me being a cynical asshole, but I seriously don't think capturing this guy needs to be a fucking world-wide event.

Also what the fuck is with comparing him to Bin Laden or Hitler. Maybe he is in Bin Laden's league but I doubt he is anywhere near Hitler's or any other number of crazy motherfuckers in history.

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I have a 50% off Bethesda games coupon. So hey, Skyrim at half-price.

Shoot me a PM if you want it.

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I love these more personal pieces that come about every 2 weeks or so. It's awesome to hear stories about people who are doing great things in with video games that aren't backed by a lot of money and it's so cool how he's essentially like a crazy inventor but he designs games mechanics instead of automated shoe polishers (I don't know why that was the first idea that popped into my head).

Continue on your noble quest Mr.Howard.

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Awesome idea guys. I'm up for BF3, Dota2, League of Legends, TF2 and especially Starcraft 2.

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When I watched the Black Eyed Peas Quick Look, I thought that the dance to start mechanic was pretty clever. I don't think it deserves to be on that list but sadly I can't think of anything to replace it.

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I'd love to be a premium member but I'm kind of strapped for money so winning would be a great Christmas present.

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It's not an impossible achievement, just kind of hard. I think Mile High Club was harder but if you want to see Brad play that level, there is a Lemon Lens/Kessler Cam somewhere that shows him playing for a few minutes.

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At my local game store, I picked up Hot Pursuit for the PC for $4 last week and the online pass/serial code didn't seem to have an expiry date. Guess its a console thing.