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@ConciseCabbage:  Follow this link to the Youtube Video and forward to around the 3:50 mark but since this post is 3 weeks later, you may have gotten it already.
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Not sure about any DLC for Battlefield 1943 but it seems that Fat Princess may get new classes after all the leaked concept art so it may have more lasting power than Battlefield. But then again you get extra weapons in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for owning Battlefield 1943 so if that game is on your list, you may want buy 1943.

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I didn't find the online matchmaking as bad as it was at launch but its still takes a while to find a game compared to COD4, Halo 3 and even GTA4. What really irritates me is the myriad of glitches that the game shipped with. Epic has done their best to fix most of them but it really pisses me off when I'm playing a map and there is only one enemy player left on the map and he goes and glitches under the map. Sure I could go on Youtube and figure out how to do it but this happened to me on a Flashback Map so Epic has had more than enough time to fix that  one at least. Plus I hate the sheer amount of multiplayer achievements but that's a story for another day.

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Not sure if GB is gonna review it but IGN did and basically they hated it. Only reason I would think to buy this is to keep or get an S rank for Mass Effect achievements, get an easy 150 points or if it affects Mass Effect 2 in anyway or shape which I highly doubt.

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I enjoyed Undertow on XBLA even though people I've talked to hated it

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That first part was probably the two-player Special Ops mode cause I doubt people can have Riot Shields in advesarial multiplayer but with Dual Wielding announced recently anything is possible. The blood on the screen effects look cooler than the old red fade effect of COD4.

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I was checking the Future Shop website and apparently they had the PS3 Slim listed for 299.99 Canadian Dollars but I was under the impression that it was priced at 299.99 USD. Anyways all of my local stores have it in stock although it's supposed to comeout September 1st. Apparently the launch here is Aug 26 which is pretty random but awesome. I think I might pick one up cause I really wanna play Infamous, Uncharted and MGS4 and the 360 seems to have a weak fall/winter for exclusives other than Halo:ODST.

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I think in most situations console do get better treatment but then you look at companies like Valve who truly appreciate their PC community and basically ignored the console versions of The Orange Box.

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There is this odd glitch with the first spider boss when you just get the grenades. I was trying to level up fast and I had the gold room unlocked so I already had the Inertial Element (shotgun thing). I was able to kill the spider so fast that it died before the game had time to show me it's weakness. So the screen was permanently stuck zoomed in at the broken pipes below the boss and I had to reload the last save. Found out that I had to wait for the game to show me  his weakness before killing him.