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At my local game store, I picked up Hot Pursuit for the PC for $4 last week and the online pass/serial code didn't seem to have an expiry date. Guess its a console thing.

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I guess it's situational. In CoD, I mostly play deathmatch so yea K/D matters to me and most of time time in Halo K/D matters and especially in MOBAs (at least early on) K/D matters heavily because it delineates how much hate you get from your teammates.

However if me and some friends are playing CTF, Domination, King of the Hill really any objective gametype, then I'll gladly go negative to win.

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So I was watching some trailers and noticed that they were now available in HD and thought "Hey, that's cool that I don't have to go to some other places if I want a trailer to look good full-screen", and then I noticed that the recent Quick Looks were also available in 720p which I thought that they intentionally didn't do because HD was a members bonus.

I'm wondering if this is just a mistake or did some Top Men make then decision to allow everyone to have access to HD?

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@pantzing_nome: It's $29 at Futureshop, Walmart, RCSS (surprisingly). It's only $25 if you want to buy it through Origin.

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Batman for $29 is the only worth while deal here in Canada.

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Yea I think it's a popular opinion that the Quick Looks should be 480p and Trailers should be full HD, as it would definitely make GB more appealing to newcomers. I'm ok with 360p Quick Looks and trailers for some games as I'm watching them on my laptop but for the Triple-A games, I tend to seek out at least 720p versions.

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And so begins the next wave of Call of Duty montages that are overly edited and set to generally crappy music (probably Dubstep as it seems popular this year).

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This breakdown of the review reminds me of the Dead Space 2 review by Greg Miller on IGN. Reddit tore that shit apart and it was kind of amazing. Still don't care much for this review controversy stuff, accept it and move on.

Does anyone know what they gave it on Reviews on the Run? I would be interested if he gave it a similar score there.

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@CosmicQueso said:

@ProjektGill said:

I played through it twice on a borrowed copy from a friend and I see no reason to have a copy in my library.

Well it's a good thing you played through a game twice, paying nothing to the devs. Good on you. Why give anything to the people who created something you liked enough to play through twice if you can just play it for free? Great job.

I probably could have worded that better. The first time I played it, I didn't enjoy it but I heard that part of the appeal of the game was the divergent paths the story could take so I decided to give it another shot. After the second playthrough, I realized that I still didn't like it so I probably won't be buying it even with all these added features.

And since when has borrowing games from friends become such a vile act? It's been a normal part of my gaming life for the past 15 years.

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I played through it twice on a borrowed copy from a friend and I see no reason to have a copy in my library.