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We will miss you for sure, but glad to hear you will still appear from time to time. Congrats on the kid, you've certainly earned the time off.

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So, I finished Infinite last night and I think the game is mostly a bummer... the combat is a drag against enemies with too little variety, and the plot feels unfocused. The game does not seem to have a clear take home message, and I hate how parallel universe stories always seem to have to come to a close with a big info dump scene to clear things up. As baby Anna's severed pinkey slow flew across the screen, all I could think was 'Are you fucking kidding me?'...

That's neither here nor there. I had an idea this morning while mulling over bits of the game I haven't decided on, and one area I keep coming back to as potentially really interesting is the stealth bit in Comstock House. I am specifically interested in the Boys of Silence and the Blanks. My thought was, what if all the Blanks being held prisoner there are really the previous 121 Bookers that failed to rescue Elizabeth? They flicker like tears and we never see their faces...

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Sorry to hear, Patrick. Wishing you and your family the best.

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I just got a free Vita with a Sony laptop purchase, so I guess now I have a Vita... I bought the biggest memory card, so hopefully some good downloadables come around. Thinking I'll pick up the MGS:HD collection and try to play MGS2 and 3 the whole way through for the first time. Then to wait for a Castlevania game of some sort, and to check if I can put a digital copy of the PSP Metal Slug collection on there. That's pretty much all I need. Then again, I purchased a $129.99 DSiXL solely to play the Aliens game and Castlevania games, so I probably have low standards.

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I've been using HTML5 since the radio show to see what its deal was, and I don't think I'll be switching back. I tried the regular player today and only just noticed the difference, and it seemed slower and less friendly to use than the previous. Not being able to skip ahead is definitely a big problem, too, but it also seemed to buffer really slowly.

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Cautiously optimistic as well, but I would like to hear some concrete details on what premium content looks like moving forward. I was thrilled to be able to contribute to Whiskey for things like Jar Time and Bricked, but, frankly, nothing on Gamespot impresses or interests me like Giantbomb does, and I am not keen to give them money. Giving Whiskey money for things I enjoyed across multiple sites made sense, but if premium content is not a major part of Giantbomb under Gamespot moving forward, paying for a lot of things I don't want or need does not make as much sense.

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I just finished as #80... Could someone else who's done PM me with the 3 Archaeologists? My connection went screwy while looking up a couple of obscure ones, and I'm not sure which one was the third.

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It's the complete plausibility that sells it.

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Metacritic is dumb, but if you are going to pay attention to it and use its results for things as important as dev pay, why allow textless scores at all? I mean, either limit it to meaningful feedback only, or just ignore the whole thing as the sham it is.

Also- huge thanks to Patrick for writing a really interesting piece I something I didn't even know existed. Metacritic spam... what will they think of next?

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I played through both levels on Normal last night, and then immediately replayed on hard.  I really enjoyed it, but am definitely curious to see how much variety they pack into the end game, and how long it will be.  I only noticed the Power Axe at the end of the first level on my second go-through, and that made for an interesting change, and still looked incredible in motion.  The demo's strengths are definitely in hitting you hard and fast with a super-true vision of the 40K lore in action, even better, I think, than the DoW series.  The difference between DoW and SM is sorta like the difference between Marines on the tabletop and Marines in the fiction.  On the tabletop, or in an RTS, you need to have Marines function in squads and not be too overpowered to keep things 'fair, but in the fiction and in SM, the really can be one-man wrecking crews, and that is an awesome feeling. 
One other thing that I noticed was that playing with mouse and keyboard was a little rocky at first, but I actually got the basic jist of things pretty quickly.  Stuff like dodging, hitting those stuns, and charging are a little tougher to pull off than they probably are on a gamepad, but the game seems perfectly playable without one.  The shooting has an awesome feel, so I was really glad to be able to use my mouse to get my preferred shooting experience.

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