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As with others, I imported a US copy ages ago. And the cost of the game plus shipping was less than UK RRP, too.

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@irrelevantjohn: Good pointer on the compressed air; I'm going to endeavour to leave the thing alone. I only barely had my hands around it when I unwrapped the sheeting and set it down, but wiping away dust caused the issue... it really shouldn't be so susceptible to marking. I move my Slim 360 around the house, and despite having a similar finish, the sheen is without marks (even after going to town on the thing to keep it clean a couple of times).

No matter. I was tentatively considering swapping out the black unit for a white one before I established a lot of content on the HDD, but I think I'll apply additional care and be open-minded about future SKU revisions.

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@jsnyder82: Damn. Thanks for letting me know. Guess there's not much to do except tenuously hope for Nintendo to revise the hardware with a matte finish.

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I just picked up a Wii U today - the Monster Hunter Ltd. Edition 32gb Deluxe. I like the console, the features, the gamepad, the games I got with it etc. However, I don't appreciate the glossy finish on the unit at all.

The black Wii U has the epidermal sensitivity of The Singing Detective. The console has already garnered a tremendous amount of hairline scratches, just by virtue of my wiping some dust from the surface. I'll take responsibility for this - I should have been more careful and assumed the worst in the quality of the plastic and used a microfiber cloth as a precaution. Still, if this is how my console looks after a day, I can't imagine how it will look after a year. I'm very careful with my stuff and don't ever really move it around, but the Gamepad can't be treated so delicately... a case and screen protector are in the post, but I am expecting the worst.

THE POINT: is the white console constructed with the same glossy, super-scratchable plastic? I realise that, either way, scratches are going to be a lot less noticeable on white plastic; I just want to know if it is similarly susceptible to taking on damage in the first place.

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Very big of Patrick to refuse to play any Nintendo products which used women to entice people into playing them, and then using a picture of these women to entice people into reading his story...

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Yeah, I did this to get Blitz, it was a straightforward process. I don't believe any of the digital content is "region locked" as such - everything you download will work. There are eBay/Amazon sellers who will sell you a prepaid card and email the code.

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I am still concerned, but I'm glad this still exists

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My immediate response is that not really enough information has been provided -- as someone who has previously had zero interaction with GameSpot, I am slightly confused. Even having read this FAQ, I'm still not sure who my premium account will lie with, who will have access to my personal details, and so on.

My considered response is that there's something not being told here -- particularly, why the sale? "Bigger, better" are the positive buzzwords offered, but I would appreciate knowing who this decision lay with, what conditions led to considering a sale, etc. Excuse any perceived self-entitlement, but I paid forty pounds for a membership in the understanding that it went to Whiskey Media, with benefits therein. Like many others, I also wonder who exactly the long-term powers lie with -- if this apparently respected head of GameSpot stands aside, or if this union proves unfruitful, is there any potential threat to Giant Bomb? Is it plausible that the site could end up rolled into GameSpot as a whole? As someone who absolutely adores Giant Bomb, who has made the site and its content a staple of everyday life, more or less, this has not been a day of positive news. A huge amount of uncertainty has been produced, and not fundamentally by way of the sale -- rather, by way of the lack of concrete information. I mean, the video wasn't even embedded properly, even after the post acknowledged technical problems.

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Whilst I find CEX heinous in their practices, quality of service, and quality of retail stores (they always smell really bad), you can see how they are dominating the grey market of game sales and squeezing GAME out of business. They pay in cash, for starters (really appealing to the heroin addict market there). I would say that I'd rather see GAME stay as a more pleasant place to buy new games, especially since I only buy new these days, but they've let me down so badly over the past couple of months. The new shelves have been squeezed to tiny racks, making space for online cards, peripherals/toys/Skylanders, and masses of pre-owned titles at worse value than everywhere else. No Mario Party, no Street Fighter. Couldn't even find some six-month plus games that I wanted.

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Games retail in the UK is on decline in general. HMV and Blockbuster have been in a dicey position for a while, and on some High Streets they're the only stores who stock games to any meaningful degree, with even the likes of WH Smiths getting out of video games. Super markets tend to stock a few loss-leading recent releases/five year-old Mario game for Wii or DS, but it doesn't serve the enthusiast customers.

I went into both GAMEs in my city (maybe they can start with closing one of those, they're about three minutes apart) for the first time since Christmas two weeks ago, and the difference between that relatively short time was huge. I looked for three different games in both stores (and Gamestation), and neither sold them, new or used. They were big releases at one point, one of them just before Christmas. But so much retail space has been handed over to pre-paid cards for online use, toys (including Skylanders), peripherals etc. The new games section for each console is a narrow, shallow rack.

So what is the point in someone like myself ever bothering to even look for a game there again? As others have intimidated, they were never great value to start with. But even the independent store I visit more regularly is in dire straits. They just can't stock new games any more. The shelves are bare, aside from used PS3/360 titles from 07/08/09 etc.

It was a good run, but it looks like it's over, UK games retail.

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