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Ryan, I don't know what to say...I just wanted to tell you that you've been an inspiration and always put a smile on my face, every week since the start of GB. You'll be missed.

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Enjoy our spanking new episode!  


Greetings from Sweden.

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Damnit, didn't get a Club Nintendo registration card with my brand new 3DS, what gives?

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Been trying both with and without. First time for me playing a 3DS game so I wouldn't know if this is a good or bad implementation of the 3D, but I could see the gimmicky part of it all. I prefer the 2D, so does my eyes.

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Here we go again old friend.   

What was it? Like 10 or more years ago since we last met?     
Time flies and a lot of great games later I've reached the conclusion that we need to get back together. I've even bought a brand new console just to have something to play you on. This marks a new chapter in our relationship, probably shouldn't bring up all the old memories and instead start anew. But who can forget all those late nights you kept me awake with your great dungeons and tricky puzzles (for my age they sure seemed harder than they were). All those mysteries hidden behind every corner of the journey and the way you always took my mind from everything else and made me focus on something as trivial as catching the biggest fish in that blasted pond. 
We had a good run. Then I let you go. Not willingly, mind you. 
Now it's time to reunite...and this time I don't have three siblings to rip you away from me anymore. Just you, me and the endless adventures ahead.  
Take my hand, lets roll.
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Hehe, laughing makes this so much better :)

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Ah man! Finally ;) This is the first PS3 sequel that I'm really looking forward to. Awesome!

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Can you actually finish this game? Probably not. But in my personal opinion, once the credits starts rolling you've beaten the game. That's what happened after I got my Burnout driving license so I figured I'd finished it. Even got me that Platinum trophy to join my first one I got from Uncharted.

This game have really grown on me, at first the open world felt overwhelming and I kinda missed the menu way of handling the different races. But a few hours in you learn your way around the map and you start to remember some of the most dangerous curves.

Graphics and sound is amazingly well done, as long as you are moving as fast as your wheels can take you. Once you stop and look around, the environments may have some bad texturing choices and whenever Avril Lavigne start to play your head starts to spin (fortunate enough you can choose not to hear that song at all).

The overall experience is a great game, which have been receiving some love from the developers after it have been released. I think it have been treated with two major patches that have added trophies and bikes and a lot more. I have also managed to get all the trophies in the game, they were quite simple to get just need some time and stubbornness.

Burnout is an excellent example of how a game can manage to be a downloadable title and that supporting your game with free patches pays off. 1 million online users would agree.

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Also just beat it, and yes the last boss was a freakin' crazy leap of difficulty you had to straighten up your game a little to get through him. Anybody played Quest for booty?

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