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I went to a friend's house who had a PS3 on a SD TV. The store especially looked really squished together. It really does look much better on a larger HD TV, which I feel like most games "write for" anyway, then the SD treatment is... less full, like when you have to watch Jaws on a chopped "to fit" screen on cable.

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I'm listening to the only thing that matters: THE BOMBCAST. 

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Gunnery Sergeant, Grade 1 , but that was with a trial Live account because it wasn't my 360, I might start playing again in college and actually pay ( :( ) for live.
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ET: The Extra Terrestrial for the Atari 2600. ;)

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That makes me simultaneously happy and sad that I don't ever get spam emails.

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Should I use the grill

Or simply get in the car
And drive to my burger?
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 I'd actually looked at the source of one of these pages, so I think I saw all the extra junk word shoved in there, lines and lines of code. Never put two and two together, just thought it was some strange page layout technobabble that GB put in. Guess not though. Now I know that writing summaries doesn't REALLY give you thousands of points. 

Too bad about that inflation though, Matt. Glitches, though understandable, still ain't fun when someone hands you $1000, then realizes it was only supposed to be $10 and corrects the error. :(
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Sorry for the "me too!" post, but yes, I agree that databasewise, they should be Orange Box, but only for sorting purposes. Visually it should be The Orange Box, obviously. But I wonder how hard that is to program (you'd have to have it as an Active Sort Filter, I think, because passively you'd have to make an entire new database column for "sorting name" as opposed to "display name", which gets kinda large when you index 22 thousand games, I would think).

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Alright, it worked when I submitted it on Firefox (was using Safari). Not sure if I got any points for it though (a lot of edits, and I have 4 points for Ocarina of Time, which I think I already got from concepts and objects) but at least I got it to submit.

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Three times I've tried to update a few things on the Ocarina of Time description, but after entering my changes (which took about 40 minutes), I got a luchadeer that lasted 10 minutes. I did a select all, tried again, and let the Luchadeer run for 40 minutes. I realize he likes to think hard, but... I would hope he would be able to enter something into the database within 40 minutes. ;)

I did try on other pages, and was able to update things just fine, but that one is being stubborn. Any ideas?