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Vinny is pretty inFamous I guess.  I mean, he's inFamous too.  I mean, 2.  
What I am saying here is that it kind of looks like Vinny.  Not QUITE, but if you squint your eyes and kinda whack yourself in the temple you'll see what I mean.

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It struck me pretty surreal because I had just been playing Portal the day before.  (Late to the party, I know.)

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Original video at Fox News Oregon
 A friend of mine posted that link to this Fox News video of some extremist anti-gay propagandists outside a Portland high school.   I was delighted to see that when it breaks from the newscaster to show the crowd, the first signs you see are held up by gamers mocking the actual protesters: 
"Pac-Man Hates Ghosts" 
"The Cake Is a Lie" 
"Waca Waca" (referencing the sound Pac-Man makes)
and if you look closely: 
"God Hates Lag" 
I like to think the combination of the maneuverability practice of the Pac-Man players and the spatial intelligence of the Portal guy helped them strategically place themselves at the place where they were most likely to be panned over by the camera.
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After lurking on this site for a long time without feeling the need to post anything, this news is important enough to make me go through the registration process so that I can contribute my sentiments.