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I'm going to guess 1-2 hours for the story but a significant number of extra missions.

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I had hope for it when they said Cable and Domino would be in it. Then lost it all when I found out Daniel Way wrote it. That guy has single handedly ruined Deadpool.

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Thinking over it, it means absolutely nothing to me.

Possibly because I've never actually owned a backwards compatible console and games for the system it's backwards compatible with before, so maybe the concept is a bit foreign to me. The only backwards compatible consoles I own are the PS2 and the Wii, when I never owned a PSOne or Gamecube.

Going from PS3 to PS4 though I just really could not care less if the PS4 is backwards compatible or not. Why should I care if the PS4 plays PS3 games? I don't want that, I want a PS4 that plays PS4 games. And if they can cut the price a little by not having compatibility with PS3 games then how is that an issue?

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Hey, I can't log in to my account except via facebook.

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Just took Asura's Wrath out, put Playstation All Stars Battle Royale back in.

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Valkyria Chronicles alone is better than any JRPG on the 360. That said, there are plenty of others too as have been listed in this thread.

I do wish Lost Odyssey would get ported though.

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The online pass for the Vita version is separate from the PS3 version, and comes with the Vita version claimed on the disc.

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Hugo - 4/5 puppies.

An incredible looking film if nothing else, although

the transition from "My parents are dead and I don't know if my life has meaning!" to "This old guy used to make movies and suddenly everyone's happy!" was kinda jarring.

Other than that specific aspect of it however it was very predictable but really well made and with solid performances all around.

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Pretty much all games on 360 have the Kinect copyright disclaimer in their credits/trailers/whatever. It means nothing.

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@DJJoeJoe said:

@BeachThunder said:

I don't know anything about Deadpool; but, wow, that trailer was obnoxiously stupid.

Dresses up in a suit, is self away, and has wolverines regenerative abilities. Wears the suit because the radiation that gave him the powers made him ugly. Likes the use 2 swords and shoot guns.

Radiation didn't give Deadpool his powers. He had cancer, then he volunteered to Weapon X who tried to give him regenerative abilities to cure it (and make him a crazy powerful weapon) he went insane, the cancer and regeneration are in constant flux, so he has ugly tumor skin.

I hope the humour isn't ALL fourth wall breaking though. The overuse of fourth wall is part of how Daniel Way has managed to make the more recent Deadpool comics terribad.