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Brink Review: One Step Forwards and Two Steps Back 0

Back in 2001 Return to Castle Wolfenstein hit store shelves, to high reviews and great sales. It is to this day one of the games that often comes up when the “Greatest FPS ever” argument begins. And rightfully so. One of the reasons it is brought up though is not for the main game itself. It’s for the multiplayer, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, developed by Splash Damage (unlike the singleplayer.) In “Enemy Territory” two teams split into various classes fought to destroy or defend objectives. It...

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Cladun: This Is A Great Game 0

    On Christmas day 2010 I opened a present from my girlfriend (well, I opened a bunch of presents, but just go with it), I already knew what it was but I was still excited to finally get to hold it in my hand, my brand new PSPGo. Then I opened the present her parents got me, which was lo' and behold, a PSN voucher for £20 to buy my first games with. And what did I invest that money in? Completely on a whim, without doing any research I picked up three games. Pac-man Championship Edition, Ratc...

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Is Cryteks new found console love a Crysis for PC gamers? 0

The original Crysis came out a few years ago, and was insanely gorgeous (still is too!) and was heralded as a fantastic PC exclusive. It went on to sell fantastically (around 4 million in the first year, and PC games tend to have long legs) and was followed up by an expansion of sorts, Crysis Warhead.  Now, Crysis 2 is out, and it has lost its PC exclusivity. Has this hindered the game like so many multiplatform releases these days?  Well, yes and no. There are some very clear differences betwee...

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A fantastic atmospheric story, hindered by mediocre gameplay 0

Bioshock is the story of Jack a not-quite-nameless and not-quite-voiceless protagonist, due to the fact he has a name and says a line of dialogue. Why is he "Not-quite-nameless" and "Not-quite-voiceless" then? Surely he must just be Jack, who talks?Well. No. He is nameless and voiceless in general, as he says a line of dialogue in the opening of the game, and this is the only time he speaks. And this is also the only time that his name is ever used. So for all intents and purposes he is nameless...

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