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Is there anything planned for Friday or Saturday yet? If not, if someone finds a good bar near the event maybe tweet everyone? My twitters @robbarclay anyhow and I'll be in my GB member shirt tomorrow if you see one ;-). Otherwise have an awesome pax duders!

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Coming this year the "Three" box. Containing tf3, hl3, portal 3 and l4d3. Only on SteamOS....

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@jneam said:

After the video ends, it starts playing again with just the audio.

I'm getting this as well. Multiple operating systems (Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04

  • OS: Windows 8 & Ubuntu 12.04
  • Browser: Chrome (Latest Stable)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Type of Player: Streaming
  • Adblock: off and on
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I can't even get my head around this. The industry (and the planet in general) has just lost one of its finest.

We're all going to miss you duder.

RIP Ryan Davis. Godspeed.

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any spare invites still kicking around? looks pretty neat :). Steam user Ulgrim

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Beta just opened on an mmorpg. Complaints invalid for ANYTHING! It's a beta. How about we go back to the wow launch or anarchy online or something, those were times to complain.

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Halflife 3, coming to a cinema near you!

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@nohthink said:

They have flOw but no Journey?? BLASPHEMY!!

1 billion times YES!

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A system released in late 2012 capable of barely matching/bettering 7-8 year old console hardware. I'll stick with my 4 year old PC which can still outperform every one of these consoles. As an added bonus the PC lets me do my job and make money. Tough decision ;-).

All that aside I wish no malice to Nintendo, I really hope they pull this off. It would be a much duller world without Nintendo making consoles and games for them. They really do try and come up with new ideas.