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Can't really blame them if they go multiplatform, and to be fair there already was a Battlefield 2 for the 360.

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@Rxanadu said:

" Speaking of crazy stuff in BlazBlue, check this out!   It's one of Ragna's joke endings.

Wow, I don't remember any of the endings in BlazBlue #1 being that absolutely insane, or did I miss something?
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@punkxblaze said:

" I see a dude in a hat at 1:32 "

I think that's supposed to be Lucky Glauber from the American Sports Team because it looks like a sports jersey and he's one of the few guys I can think of in KOF who wears a baseball cap besides Terry.   Hooray random character reference?
I think Terry's supposed to be the guy in the puffy red vest, which worries me greatly.