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I started up the game today after I got out of class and I had to install an update. Anyone know what it was for?

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That is an awesome idea, they would just have to flesh it out more. Right now the game is only three levels and the time attack mode.

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Man I just remembered this game for some reason today and its still fucking awesome. I remember liking the 2D game more the retail game at first because I had only played the demo and it was really hard for me to adjust to the controls. And the remixes they did of the retail game's songs are banging. You guys should check it out, EA still has the site up and its a free flash game so anyone can just jump right in.

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Found out the new project from the guys that made Dystopia. Seem like a really cool idea, and from a guy that loved the jedi knights games I am very happy to have found this project. But the real world sets in and they needs the monies. Maybe we can help them see this project out.

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@Abyssfull:WTF is going on in that thing? Everything is just so wrong.

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@LiquidPrince:Oh shit, I'm sorry. I haven't posted in while and I forgot the rule. Will update soon.

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Ditto on this bug. I changed my gamertag a couple weeks ago and it hasn't updated since. My steam one hasn't updated either.

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@artofwar420 said:

I wish I could participate in all this hotness, but I don't use Facebook.

I'm in the same boat :(

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