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About Me

I am a college-aged gamer currently residing in the beautiful land of Western Michigan. I am a HUGE Sega fan (inherited a Genesis, bought and LOVED the Dreamcast) and Sonic the Hedgehog was my favorite video game series until Sega decided to pistol-whip the living F*&% out of those games. In case you can't tell by my picture(s), I drive a VW bus I recently bought from a very nice gentleman in Arizona, and am STOKED about having one. At any given time, I am usually playing a wide variety of 360 games and WoW (lvl 47 Lock, Anetheron), with an occasional Wii or DS game in there. I love video games, and most certainly love giantbomb, and I am once again STOKED to be a part of the site's community.

My Systems:

  • Genesis
  • Xbox
  • Sega Saturn (The start of Sega's downfall)
  • PS2 (by Association) 
  • Dreamcast (Sega's Last Hurrah, and no matter what anybody says, it  was great)
  • GB color/GBA
  • Nintendo DS
  • PSP (on semi-permanent loan)
  • Xbox 360 (gets the most playing time, by far)
  • Wii