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@Video_Game_King said:
"  I only ask this because I do it. I'm just too lazy to go down and select my individual birth date, month, and year, and I want to know if anybody else says, "Fuck it", and just selects whatever random year gets them the video.  "
Too lazy to scroll down. SOMETIMES.
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Castle Crashers?

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Holy shit you guys, 5 pages and no one has mentioned Team ICO. I would seriously pay $200 bucks for The Last Guardian.

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This again? Seriously? 
Stop with the ER threads. If and when the Whiskey boys do another ER then we will re-kindle the greatness that is the ER.

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I know you asked for video game suggestions but if you really want to impress your friends with your new LED tv, buy or rent Planet Earth on Blu Ray. That shit will blow your friends away more than ANY hd video game out now.  
This is the Truth.

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Confucius say "Man with hand in pocket, feel cocky all day" 
usually keys or cell phone. 

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@KaosAngel said:
" I can't cancel cable due to needing the news channels.   "
Yup. I hear ya!
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@blackbird415 said:
" @PS3RG: Its more talking about something you'd dip the pizza into and not the toppings themselves. chicken real tasty on a pizza though "
hrrmmm... It's not pizza but I LOVE honey on garlic fingers.
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Is chicken a normal pizza topping? I love that shit on my pizza. 

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Unless you're going to be doing alot of video editing, you don't need 8GB of RAM.