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@khann: I think there's several test races in our future for this and Formula Duder. Given the drastic changes in power, I'd like to see how the racing dynamic changes before committing to anything.

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@khann said:

@pseg: For what it's worth, after a few quick test laps, the SLM is more difficult to drive than the Nationwide on both short and long ovals.

Can't agree on long ovals after a test at Charlotte with both cars, where the SLM was better at dealing with corrections in the turns, but the Nationwide car's clearly easier to drive at South Boston after a test there. Only issue I see is that the Nationwide cars are absolutely gigantic in tiny tracks, and no matter what, we are going to use several short tracks next season.

Bit conflicted here. I think BOMBCAR needs to grow a bit if it's going to survive, but a poor car choice and we're either back to square one with the original late model or down to two road series for the league.

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One day we'll get a photo of us without @pseg putting his arm around an invisible hodor.

At least the creepy grin's gotten better. One step at a time!

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@iron1c: I'll purchase one of the current Nationwide cars and try it out sometime soon, but my stance remains the same -- if it's too complicated to setup and/or too difficult for interested newcomers to try, it's a path I don't want to go down.

The key here, more than making a "casual" series (a term that actually makes me twinge a bit with anger, given the dedication of some of our participants), is making an entertaining series that more league members will be interested in participating in. I'm not content with 6-8 cars on track, and if a difficult car's driving that lack of attendance, it either has to change or the series has to be retired outright. This is why I'm removing the free Street Stock from next season, since it lacks grip compared to some of its faster brethren, and including the fact it's not competitive, it sucks a lot of the fun out of the kind of oval racing we have.

What brings us decently-sized fields (or better) of people interested in having fun with oval racing trumps any challenge getting closer to a taste of the Sprint Cup might bring.

@mouse: I don't have a strong opinion on Motegi or California, other than I think Motegi's road course is a bit lackluster. We'll see what makes the most sense, based on the post-season survey and monetary costs.

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Regardless of which car we go with, we'll likely take on a few more big ovals next season. Both cars are fully capable of taking on such tracks.

The main reason I'm currently still leaning towards the SLM, after giving both cars a few laps, is the similarity in setup options to what we currently have with the Monte Carlo SS late model. It also feels a bit more forgiving to over-driving? Not sure about that yet, but I'll give the whole decision some more thought.

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While I'm open to a lot of the ideas being posed here, allow me to be a bit of a villain and kill one idea outright: There is no way I will even entertain the thought of a Gen6-driven BOMBCAR series, fixed setups or not. It may be a rather enjoyable car around Daytona, and I love how intense it is to drive, but the car is not receptive to newcomers and less-experienced league members around most tracks.

The Super Late Model worries me with its extra power, but it still handles reasonably well from my experience. We'll test it out as a potential addition to BOMBCAR in the weeks to come, just like we'll test the Star Mazda for Formula Duder.

Also, a real shame we didn't draw much of an attendance for the Friday Night Thunders last weekend. I think that's basically the end of any draft series or Silver Crown series for season 3, which is fine, since we're going to dial things back somewhat schedule-wise anyways.

@skullcrushermountain: Get the details of your race sorted out by Thursday and I'll include it in the weekly e-mail.

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OK, per the requests in here:

Friday Night Thunder, 4/11:

  • 7:00 PM EDT, RUF 12R AWDs (and Caddies) at Daytona
  • 9:00 PM EDT, NASCAR Gen6s (and Caddies) at Daytona

Friday Sunday Night Thunder, 4/13:

  • 7:00 PM EDT, Silver Crowns (and Caddies) at Daytona

We'll try some other stuff next week. The BOMBCAR exhibition at Suzuka will go down, as will some race featuring the Solstice because I want to give it another try. Also, truuuucks at Talladega?

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I'll set up the Friday Night Thunder races tonight, so any new suggestions for races this weekend should be tossed out over the next ten hours or so. Here's what I have:

  • RUF AWDs at Daytona
  • Gen 6s at Daytona
  • Silver Crown at Daytona Also, I'll probably split any suggested races into other days, as well, so take that as you will. It'll still be under the Friday Night Thunder banner, just...not on Friday.

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@noryia: VinnCo drives the infield road course at Charlotte. Main event of Formula Duder takes on Interlagos.

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I'm terribly sorry I wasn't able to race tonight in the GBGT excursion to Mount Panorama. I saved the replay in whole to view later, but in summary: My hands are blistered from twisting a screwdriver and this IKEA bed's still not put together. :(

From now on, I promise not to let furniture come between me and a race I was looking forward to all day, even if it means sleeping on a couch for a night (which seems likely anyway, at this point). As an apology for not joining in, I decided it was only appropriate to dive into the Participation Bonus coffers, since 14 cars at Mount Panorama is impressive.

...and the random number generator chose @iron1c. Code will be PM'd over momentarily!