Games I Should Have Played in 2009

As a slacker who wastes far too much free time and not nearly enough money, I have a problem getting around to playing games that interest me. The list of shame has grown out of control, with games like Fallout 3, Dead Space, and Assassin's Creed falling to the wayside in recent years.
While compiling my Best of 2009 list, I realized that this is one of the worst years for my game neglect. There were so many titles I intended to pick up and play, but simply never found the time. For your perusal, ranked in order of shame and regret, here are the games of 2009 that I really need to get around to playing.

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Posted by UnsolvedParadox

You gotta try Batman! It's a lot of fun, and actually pretty brisk; you should be through it in under 10 hours, if you don't go hunting for optional collectibles.

Posted by slowbird

I feel your pain, especially on the mediocre-at-best racing games.

Posted by Video_Game_King

No, it is not OK that you like Yahtzee. That guy sucks :P.