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@casty: I would love to help get this thing rolling. I'm a web developer by day so I have some expertise with servers, even if I haven't run a PSO server before. Drop me a line if you're still struggling with it.

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Searching for Joust doesn't even bring up Johann Sebastian Joust on the first page of results. I propose adding J. S. Joust and/or JSJoust as aliases; whichever works best for search.

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Looks like livestream_player.css is declaring overflow:hidden on the body tag.

Yup. Somebody goofed. I assume that rule was only intended for the chat page.

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Huntsville, Alabama, USA

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As a point of reference, Sportsfriends is coming out next week and each individual has its own page tagged with the platforms that the game as a whole is going to be released on. In this case I would expect FFX-2 to be marked as being available on PS3 and Vita with a note in the article linking to the remaster article.

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Very cool! The Strong is yet another item on my list of places I'd like to visit but probably never will.

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  1. Refer to the games attached to Cloud Strife.
  2. Note that FF7 doesn't appear among the 14 in the list.
  3. Click edit.
  4. Note that there are now 25 games with FF7 among them.
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Search is still out of commission. :( The most obvious problem is simply that "wiki only" searches right now only return video results.

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Kyle is a indie developer who created Offspring Fling! among a bunch of other games, and contributed to Snapshot. He is currently listed in the wiki as a company with several "loyal employees" whom you would expect to just be person -> person relations. Is it possible to convert his page to a Person, or do we have to make a new page and shuffle stuff around for all the other pages associated with him as a company?