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Awww fuck. Life is over. Candy Box is here.

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@hailinel: Somebody on the back-end of the site could probably look up search history and figure that out. A list of commonly used search terms that the user doesn't pick one of the results (or has no results) sounds like something that would be worthwhile for maintaining aliases.

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We should probably have ITG and ITG2 as aliases for In the Groove and In the Groove 2, respectively.

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@psoplayer: Joke aliases aren't allowed.

And yet I see people refer to it as "Sleepy Dogs" so frequently that I could actually make a case for it being a useful alias to someone who didn't know any better.

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Is there a good reason why Sleeping Dogs doesn't have an alias of "Sleepy Dogs"? (alternatively, Sleepy Dawgs) :D

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Alias VLR for Virtue's Last Reward. (sorry, cant link on mobile)

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Is it possible to turn this into an actual wiki page? Would be pretty useful and easy to find that way.

Done! Benchmark Included is now a concept on the wiki. Sweet necromancy, right?

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I would be very surprised if the 24 hour window wasn't changed to something closer to 7 days (if not removed entirely) by the time the console launches.

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Can someone please change the box art for Monster Truck Madness from the GBA to the PC version? The GBA was a very limited port of what was originally just for PC and is far from the definitive version of the game.

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Nevermind. :P