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Can someone please change the box art for Monster Truck Madness from the GBA to the PC version? The GBA was a very limited port of what was originally just for PC and is far from the definitive version of the game.

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Nevermind. :P

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@mellotronrules: That's not it either. I only played through the campaign once and didn't go back to replay the once that the story branched away from. Seems like they would have done just as well to have Nova's dialog be a 50/50 chance either way.

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@haffy: Except I did side with Tosh, and when I came across Nova in mission 2 of Swarm she responded as if I had actually sided with her.

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@tatobins said:

Anyone know if the campaign loads your Wings of Liberty save to track the choices you made? In the second mission when you run into Nova, she wouldn't let Raynor go, telling me I made the wrong choice in not helping her with Tosh. The thing is, I did help her kill Tosh in that mission in Wings of Liberty.

That's really odd. In WoL I sided with Tosh, but when I met her in Swarm she thanked me for helping her with her problem but "a girl's gotta do..." and Raynor met the same fate anyway. Maybe they accidentally got it backwards?

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See screenshot:

Also, the count of how many lists I have didn't update when I created a new list. Visit my list page; it counts (10) lists but I can count 11 on the page.

Similarly, but possibly not related, the Runner2 wiki page says there are (-1) forum threads when there are actually several.

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Agreed! I'm almost done with the first world, and I can already say that it's wrestling with Antichamber for my favorite release of 2013. It's extremely well executed in so many little places:

  • Level design still seems great, and the difficulty curve seems more appropriate.
  • Allowing you to jump over checkpoints is a really smart decision.
  • Giving you alternate exits and retro levels is a welcome Mario 3 type evolution.
  • The art style is fresh and colorful, the music so far is a slam dunk.
  • Turning the game into a score competition with Autolog style leaderboards seems both obvious and yet surprising.
  • Using key vaults to force the player to revisit levels will probably frustrate some people, but I don't have a hard time accepting backtracking.

So far the only negative I can come up with is that the visual noise has increased a lot from the first game, so much that it can become very difficult to read what I'm expected to do at times. I had a bit of that problem with the first game when I started in a new world and the visual language shifted, but here it has become a problem in the first couple of optional stages. Hopefully my brain can start learning to pick out the meaningful shapes from the rest of the nonsense, because I'm going to be diving back in tonight!

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Fairly self-explanatory: the height of the box should expand, or the text should be truncated with an ellipsis and tooltip with the full text.

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Dance Dance Revolution has a sucky wiki entry, but has the PC release attached to it, which is missing from the superior game page (Dance Dance Revolution).

Also, is there any way to get images attached to a game that were uploaded by another user and only exist in their gallery as best I can tell? All the images in the better article were added by spacekatgal, but the images themselves aren't attached to the DDR page.

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What's going on guys? I did so many awesome quests and I was level 26 and now it's gone and everything is strange and I can't even edit HTML in this post. :P