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I really enjoy Jeff Gerstmann's perspective on things, due to his insane and interesting history in this medium, and those moments when you actually see what he loves about video games. Those moments where "video games are alright, man". I don't feel like it's been that way for a long time, and yesterday was getting progressively more painful to listen to as the conferences went on. When someone onstage was playful about video games, all that came off of the crew was sarcastic indignance. It's just so upper-middle class and smug that I find it completely obnoxious. Complaining that a lot of games shown won't be out this year, even though that's kind of how it always is, especially the first year after new consoles are out. Complaining that the gameplay is being shown in the best possible light because of course it is. Complaining that EA shows sports at their conference, when they show sports every single year. Complaining that "this would have been awesome if it came out 10 years ago, but it's coming out now so it's terrible."

Patrick seems to think the gamer stereotype is a fat, loud, misogynist white guy and that's not my impression. The gamer stereotype in 2014 is someone with crossed arms and a sneer going myeh myeh myeh complaining that a product exists that does not appeal to them. The stereotypical gamer quote is no longer "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED" it's "how dare they!"

Love video games when they're good, laugh at them when they're bad. If everything about video games makes you curl your lip with disdain, then I don't understand how you hope to entertain video game enthusiasts.

Video games; stop gettin' mad at 'em.

I agree with this sentiment very much.

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You cracked the Matrix!

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Great job!

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Of course not, he acted like a Hollywood brat - completely unprofessional and full of himself, and yet contributing nothing. If that's his "act", then he is even more of a useless loser. Honestly, everyone who worked on that awards show should be fired - if you've ever worked in professional video / production environments, then you saw in 5 minutes that it was truly terrible in every way. Amusing as a train-wreck, but also the definition of everything wrong with the entertainment industry. Can you imagine how much money they spent on that high-school-level schlock? And I bet that uneducated pretty-boy with an ego-complex got the biggest check. If you think this is acceptable you're probably still a kid, and easily-exploitable by those more sophisticated than you. You'll learn soon enough.

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@irrationalbee said:

I felt after VGX awards tonight, and Patrick's acknowledgement specifically towards the "Trans-phobic" jokes tonight (among his other obsessions with gender) , that he, and the giant bomb community at large could use a quick tip from someone who maybe has been through the struggle of being trans.

I grew up in Alabama as a Male to Female transsexual, and still currently live here. I do outreach to both local youth and youth abroad, trying to help them both understand how they feel, accept it, and in the end find a doctor to help them get the treatment they need. I do everything in my power to advance my brothers and sisters in this world, and make life better for them.

But there is something that is currently setting us back. It is people pointing out trans-phobic comments, such as what Joel McHale said, that really set us back. At this point, everyone seems to think us as a helpless, weak minority. This couldn't be further from the truth, any trans person who goes through with HRT is use to far, far worse than anything any of you have ever probably heard, said, or thought. It is the fact that you would distinguish us from any other person he made a joke about that is truly offensive.

So Patrick, for the sake of equality, please just say "That joke was bad" instead of "That joke was bad because it was poking fun at a people who are disenfranchised in a thousand worst ways than this"

I very much admire your courage to challenge the truly offensive practice of "white knighting". It is such an intellectual cop-out, for the reasons you mentioned and many more. It is very obnoxious that it so often passes for morality in these "politically correct" times, but that's what happens when people can't actually use reason and logic, rather than emotional ploys (i.e. dishonest manipulation). So-called "white knights" are the main force behind continued discrimination, yet lack the insight to see this at all.

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This is a true tragedy. Ryan Davis was a good man. I am at a loss for words.

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I can relate to your situation, and if you really did love the girl you're still broken-up about (and it sounds like you did), then I recommend reading the book "Venus: The Dark Side". From what you've said and how you sound about yourself, her and life itself, it appears that you have all the classic signs of being the victim of a manipulative narcissist. Again, I can relate, and you sound all-too-much like myself at times during the last year since ending a similar relationship.

Falling in love with a pathological narcissist can destroy you mentally and emotionally, not to mention physically (like stealing your money, which is rather tame as these people go). You will try to understand "why" the relationship didn't work, and the only answer is that they never cared - not in a real way. Once you can accept this, I believe the potential for finding *real* love is possible, if not for someone else, then at least for life and for yourself. Value how you are a genuine person, and re-claim what you put of yourself into this illusion of a person, who is not and never was. For you see, the narcissist has no real self. That is why they cannot love.

I hope this helps and isn't too much Dr. Phil or Zen-navel-gazing for it to be of practical use. The book can help bring it down to earth, as can studying Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You are not alone in what you've been through by any means. Good luck, and be happy!

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