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Very happy to hear someone wants to bring back Tex Murphy - The Pandora Directive is one of my favorite games of all time.

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In the video they have featured on the site now, you can tell Will is sad just by looking at his expressions and hearing the tone of fake happiness in his voice (Norm too, to a less-noticeable degree). I feel sorry for everyone at Whiskey Media losing that unique work situation, being split apart from the other teams, and having their content "corporatized" (yes, I know WM is/was a business, but I'm referring more to the culture and mindset change now taking place - clearly on display with the redesign). I will remain open-minded concerning the rest of the former WM family (specifically Giant Bomb) - however, seeing this has made me much more concerned about the direction of the other sites.

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I've been playing the patch on the 360 version today, and I've not had any problems yet. Plus, the low-resolution textures are indeed fixed for my game now (I've been playing off the HD since the launch of the game, and the textures loaded fine without needing to re-install). I fought a dragon too and he was normal - no backwards flying and such. I hope my luck continues, and hopefully this means that these new bugs are more rarities than the norm. I will however say that I might be weaker to magic now, and perhaps that is due to the resistances bug (but I'm not sure since I haven't been paying attention to that up until now).

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I've only played it on the Genesis, but originally it was on the PC and Amiga (maybe some other platforms too) - Buck Rogers: Countdown To Doomsday

I never owned it, but would rent it every chance I could (when there wasn't a new release I had to play as soon as possible) back in my early teenage years in the 1990's. It was amazing on the Genesis for it's complexity, which it owed to being a port of a CRPG. I loved the turn-based strategic battles, the planetary exploration, ship-to-ship combat in space, and of course the story and Buck Rogers universe (which the developers captured quite well, considering the limitations of the technology back then). A true classic in my opinion, and not to be missed by "old-school" RPG fans.

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Props to Rorie for his choice of X-Com - one of my personal favorites, and a good choice for the reasons he mentions.

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I completely agree with the OP - I've found the criticism of the boss battles in this game baffling. It's like people have forgotten that this is a video game, and then how to play "video games". The boss battles were super easy in this game and did not break "immersion" for me at all. I appreciate you saying it like it is, OP. Some people will blame anyone but themselves for their poor understanding and execution of concepts and systems.

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This reminds me of that old Ghostbusters Arcade game that hardly anyone played.  I remember liking it a lot at the time, so this intrigues me a bit.

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At least they are apparently not closing for good, but it feels like I just went through an April Fool's joke that actually worked because I wasn't expecting it.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, but if GOG is getting serious by coming out of beta then I'm happy about that part at least.
Here's a good overview of the situation from Kotaku --

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Yeah this is really sad news, GOG was a great service for those of us who still want to play classic computer games.  This closing came out of the blue too - I had no idea they were in trouble, I would have helped them out and bought a few of the gems I was waiting on from them if they had let us know ahead of simply closing the site.  Hopefully we can eventually download all the extras they included in their games (wallpapers, soundtracks, manuals, etc.) as well, though I'm a little worried about that at this point.  What a sad day for old computer games - now piracy is assured to be the dominant way these games are played.  At least GOG tried.

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I use Windows XP and Firefox and have never had any issues.  My PC is nothing special either, so I don't know what the problem is for you.